Sunday, February 5, 2012

I haz more, much more, from where the previous dribble came from

Here I am again, tapping out the regurgitation from my cranium.
Have you seen today's entry for the Dunolly history blog?
The dredge hole is still there but I haven't shifted my carcass to get a photo of it yet, even though there are some who still swim there and the fishing is supposed to be ok.

Go and have a gander at the Art of Elegance Fair blog, there's been quite a few updates on the stall holders who will be bringing their lovely wares to the Fair.
And don't forget, this won't be the only Fair held; it will be held each season so there will be more on offer throughout the year - think birthday, Xmas, anniversary pressies - if you're unable to make it to the inaugural Art of Elegance Fair.
But try to get there on February 12 anyway cos you don't know what goodies you might miss out on!

There's a dinner dance on February 18th to aid the fundraising for restoring the heritage Dunolly Town Hall and Dunolly Court House.
Fun guaranteed for all!
Click on image for bigger view.


Just made some delicious lettuce cups - well, obviously I didn't make the lettuce itself - filled with homegrown chopped eggplant, tomato, cucumber, red onion, red and yellow capsicum, topped with a dollop of Kalamata olive paste, jalapeno stuffed olives, finely sliced gherkins and a TINY bit of finely shredded ham.
Super yummy, healthy and refreshing on this warm windy day.


  1. The lettuce cups sound very nutritious, like a healthy icypole. :-)

  2. Hold the ham and the cucumber and those lettuce cups sound delightful. And not to hard to make or clean up after. A triple winner. The Art of Elegance Fair blog has me drooling still.

  3. Lettuce cups? Let me just get my fork...I'll be right over..

  4. Wow. The lettuce cups sound fantastic!

    I am in love with the very IDEA of "The Art of Elegance Fair"...


  5. I think I would like the lettuce cups! I love your blog. It is a very refreshing site. Writing style and layout absolutely professional. I'll be subscribing for sure:)

  6. man you are such a tease, your taunting me with that fair updates.....have fun at the fair.

    Lettuce cups, we had some the other night, but we had a satay pork and rice in ours.....yours sounds much more healthier.

    BTW you are an inspiration....I need to pull finger and follow your lead...

  7. Oh, please! Nobody ask her where the previous dribble came from...