Monday, February 27, 2012

Poltical Footy Dream Team picks

Ye gods, is anyone else as over this political bollocks rubbish as I am?

For overseas readers - our government is casting votes to again choose or retain a PM/leader of the governing party.
Kevin Rudd, who got shafted then voted out in 2010 as Prime Minister is challenging to take back the position, but it's become damn ugly politics.
Cos they are imploding as a party, the Australian Labo(u)r Party are devouring themselves in a hunger of individual self-interest rather than being a cohesive political party steering our country.

So, I thought I'd throw together a dream team of politicians, past and present, to hypothetically take over the ballsed up mess.
From Australia and the other side of the ditch, from a whole range of political parties.
Even if it means digging up a few graves....

Julie Bishop
Pig Iron Bob Menzies
Malcolm Fraser
John Curtin
Bob Brown
David Lange
Nick Xenaphon
Amanda Vanstone
Gough Whitlam
Frank Crean
Penny Wong
Malcolm Turnbull
Natasha Stott Despoja
Paul Keating
Sarah Hanson-Young
Joseph Lyons
Barnaby Joyce
Julius Vogel
Jack Lang
Don Chipp

On the interchange bench I'd sit -
Father Bob Maguire.
Cos he'd go in at intervals to keep the lot of them on track and to sort them out with commonsense.


  1. Ohhh, there are some very large egos in the list.

  2. What a great idea. Agree with Andrew - HUGE egos there. Not sure about Paul K. It'd be spill city. Who's leading? (I reckon Natasha!). Giggling at the thought of Barnaby and Gough in the same room...

  3. Can't believe there's a 'telecast' of 'Showdown'!! SOOOOOO over it!! Love your list - but wouldn't they spend so much time bickering they wouldn't get anything done?? Hang on ... yeah ... I get it! No different to now, huh!!!

  4. I think that the egos in the room would require the building of a new Parliament House to fit them all in. An interesting mix though.

  5. Malcolm Fraser rocks! He is my ideal pollie, fighting for what he believes in.

  6. Lordy, Jayne, you didn't half giv me a start puttin' Julie's name at the top of the list. Reckon her face would curdle yoghurt.
    Then I saw Jack Lang's name down the bottom and I thought 'that's more like the Jayne I'm getting to know'.

    But yes, it would be fun to see that lot trying to give each other a run for their money.
    Max Gillies eat yer heart out!

  7. Over it? I was ready to pour concrete in my ear canals!

  8. I'd vote for Nick Xenophon. He seems to make sense in his newspaper articles.

  9. That's one helluva list there Jayne. I'd like to see Nick Xenophon herd them all up together....

  10. Had the coalition won the last election and wee Johnny stood down.
    Australia would have the world laughing at our .......

    Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Govt.