Saturday, February 18, 2012

A round up of babble, blather and a touch of a song!

Look, wooohooo, I'm starting to kick the dreaded lurgy!
Missed out on all the fun on in Dunolly - the fair, the market, the dinner dance at the Town Hall.
But the lungs are beginning to stay down in the chest where they belong instead of being coughed up every other second.
Which is nice.

Have had a bajillion things I wanted to blog but they were wispy tendrils of thoughts as the next hot flush would wash away anything except the urgent need to park myself into the nearest freezer.
It's a combination of the changable weather (one minute it's boiling the next we're back in winter woollies), the lurgy and good old menopause - plus throw in an unexpected funeral for a friend and the random bashing of Feral Teen and I may have a case for feeling like I've been pulled through a hedge backwards.

Feral Teen is ok - the black eye, bruising and cuts are fading, he had a (we think) successful mediation with the basher at the school, and is now off being a social butterfly with a female friend.
*I'm almost rocking in the corner chanting, "Not a gf, not a gf, not a gf,"*

The Art of Elegance Fair in Dunolly was a HUGE success which you can read about HERE.
No, I didn't go so we'll have to hassle people for pics.

When is a national health survey not a national health survey?
When it excludes Indigenous children.
Go read it HERE.

Fabulous article on the late, great Margaret Olley HERE.

I've loved this song for years and finally found a page where you can not only listen to it but you can download it, too!
Along with some of their other fabbo songs.
Quinalow is a real QLD town, map HERE.
"Quiet in Quinalow" describes Dunolly (and a million other bush towns) in so many ways but this last verse really does it,
 "They say you can never go home again,
When the chapter is over the book's at an end.
Well, maybe they're right but hang on my friend!
They've never seen such a sight
As my town bathed in silver moonlight,"




  1. ooh I'm glad you're feeling better and that Feral is recovering from his ordeal. x

  2. I'd say welcome back to the land of the living ... but I'm not so sure that's the case as summer grinds its weary way to the finish line ...

    But hey! The weekend's here - and I guess that's a good thing!!!

    Regards, your fat friend RED!

  3. mediation? the basher?
    I'd mediate him.
    LizHurley's breakfast of lemon juice in water, is the weightloss trick of the moment at my place. necessary after a week of pub lunches across Victoria's south coast. the fish was healthy I suppose, but the wine and chips had an effect I now have to remedy.
    Next year's festival of Elegance you can show them how it's done. Did you know that codeine is a cough suppressant?
    X X

  4. Sorry to hear of your rough trot. I was just thinking about you this morning. Where is Jayne?

  5. I am really pleased that you have shown your lungs who is boss, and that the Feral Teen is also surviving. I am with Marshall Stacks about mediation for bashers though.

  6. Glad you are feeling better, and glad you are back.
    And gosh, a few days poking around in Margaret Olley's Paddo home would be fun.

  7. Oh Dear! A girlfriend! Well, good luck with that.
    And Boo-Hiss to the hot flushes, been there, done that, still get the occasional one.
    I'm glad your lungs are beginning to behave like lungs again and not performing dolphins.

  8. Did your Feral teen play the sympathy factor with the girls at school? ;-)
    Glad to hear you are getting better.

  9. Glad you are feeling better.
    I survived menopause so know there is hope. : )

  10. Well, glad to see a blog posting from you! Welcome back. Rock on.