Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And a good job, too!

The Trial By Jury was super fun!
The audiences were great, no prima donnas to be found in the cast, the weather was perfect (if a little on the -2 chilly side freezing our water pipes) and we cannot wait to start rehersals for the Gilbert & Sullivan Festival that is on in October.

You might notice the flyers over on the left sidebar there, apologies if the lower pic is skew-wiff, I've tried straightening it but the damn thing has a mind of it's own.

I got to be the "elderly, ugly daughter" ("She may very well pass for 43 in the dusk with the light behind her") yes, you may giggle and snort but I enjoyed it.

You have been duly warned - book your tickets, accom., and dance card for the fabulous inaugural Gilbert and Sullivan Festival.

I'll pop up a photo when I can borrow one off other cast members as the Feral Teen managed to flatten the battery of our camera the day before.
 DunollyMay12172 DunollyMay12171


  1. So awesome! Love that you are having so much fun with this. :-)

  2. Trial by Jury - I remember my mother was in it in around 1973 ..... she played the first bridesmaid I think.

    ....then, in another year she was the evil, regretful hag in the dungeon for 'The Gondoliers' I think. My little brother had nightmares for weeks afterwards and, to my mother's chagrin, locals kept recognising when she was out in the street without the stoop, blackened teeth, wild hair etc.

  3. I can see your enthusiasm from here. Glad it went well and always fun to have another one coming up in a few months.

  4. That sounded like a heap of fun. With more to come. Yay.

  5. Good for you. I did a play because I had never done one before. It was not a musical though. I think I would be hampered by the fact taht I can't sing a lick.

  6. That looks like such fun! I will ask hubby what we are up to that weekend. We could take our caravan up there and spend the weekend at the local caravan park :)