Friday, June 15, 2012

Aussie History June 15

Another splendid day!

A friend, Donna, had been sharing her creations of Tunisian Crochet and I was intrigued.
So I trotted off and gurgled it; lo and behold how happy I was to have an answer to the extra long crochet hook/knitting needle hybrid I'd found in an op shop long ago!
It was a Tunisian Crochet hook!
Not only that but I'd found 2 of the buggers and bought both (figuring they were a set) so I have one in Melb and the other in Dunolly.
I can crochet Tunisian style til the cows come home (or the grain trucks unload!).

The Yallourn Power Station began pumping away in 1924 and was a touch damp on June 6 when a few drops of water made their way inside the open cut mine.

Today in 1862, 150 years ago, saw the largest gold robbery in Oz history when that gang of naughty lads Frank Gardiner, Ben Hall, Johnny Gilbert and Dan Charters held up the Lachlan Gold Escort at Eugowra Rocks.

Australian artist Brett Whiteley (born 1939) died on this day in 1992.

In 1901 Sergeant James Rogers, VC,  was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions on this day at Thaba 'Nchu during the Second Boer War.

The lost place for you to trot off to explore today is Bagtown, near Griffith in NSW.
This was a Public Works Dept camp, mainly made up of empty cement bags from the building of the irrigation channels.
More details, with photos, HERE.

And here's your pin-up gal for the day.


  1. I'm liking your pin-up gals.

  2. Thanks, River, they work for pots of tea and Boston buns.
    Buttered, of course.

  3. Bagtown - sounds like a spot that would suit me in my retirement years.

  4. hope you are gonna share some of your crochet projects.....