Saturday, June 9, 2012

Aussie History June 9 Beer but no Sex

 Indigenous resistance to colonisation and the first men hanged in Victoria will hopefully be memorialised at the Queen Victoria Market under which the mens' unmarked grave (and their frequently seen ghosts lurk) lies.

Interesting editorial read on the development of democracy in several countries, including Oz, and throughout Africa HERE.

New book and interview with the author discussing how the bush aided our infamous bushrangers, notably Ben Hall's gang who made the largest gold robbery in Oz 150 years ago next week.

The history of beer...or something...according to Dan Murphy.

On this day in 1941 two platoons of the 7th Division crossed the Litani River in Lebanon in canvas boats and captured several French positions on the far shore.

In 1838 the horrendous Myall Creek Massacre took place which resulted in the murders of 28 unarmed Aboriginal men, women and children.
(some sources say 9th other say 10th).

Melbourne Town Hall was the scene of an 1890 meeting of protest against the 'sweating' of labour in the work shops.
The more things change, the more they stay the same...

On this day in 1908 it was reported good old Tommy Bent (Bent by name, etc) was up in Parliament getting money together to cover the cost of the proposed tramway from Gembrook to Beenak
A lovely memory of a young teacher working in Beenak for several years in the 1920s to read HERE.



  1. ha ha ha ... sorry shouldn't laugh... bringing tas aboriginals to vic to act as intermediary. ha ha ha...

  2. The Beenak memoir was a good read. She was very brave.

  3. Stupidity on a grand scale, no, FC?

  4. I thought you'd enjoy it, Andrew, personal memoirs have those extra little details :)

  5. "Myall Creek Massacre", the world should be ashamed. I've seen many a western movie that shows the same treatment given to native Americans too. It happens all over the world and makes me sick to my stomach. Makes me cry too. It's just SO wrong.

  6. It is,so very wrong, River, yet very few will openly discuss or acknowledge it.

  7. Good on Dr Joe Toscano and Carolyn Briggs and supporters for pushing this.

    Glad to see there is some support from Lord mayor Robert Doyle, Cathy Oke, Jennifer Kanis & Jackie Watts.

    I hope this goes ahead.

  8. I couldn't click on the Myall Creek massacre, Jayne.

    I'd read about it before and feel so horrified and ashamed, etc.

  9. I hope it does, too, Janine, there are far too many things like this completely unknown by people who live here.

  10. It's a real shocker, Kath :(
    Sad thing is, despite this actually being taken to court and 7 of the guilty eventually being found guilty, there were far more massacres that barely rated a mention in official records.

  11. HHHMMMmmm... looks like Beenak might be worth a visit!!!

  12. Woohoo, Red, I'll certainly look forward to your photos and post about Beenak!
    Let us know when you head up there :)

  13. The massacres sound horrific. I read the link stories. I read about them in The Secret River - on the Hawkesbury ... and they say Hitler was a monster - those poor people .