Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aussie History June Four + Teen

Another day, another blog post of historical prattlings.
Or get some mushy peas into you.

Once more we have a professional in a well-paid position being denied entry to OZ because of Dickensian laws that state anyone with an autism diagnosis will be a drain on the public purse.
I'll tell you what's a drain on the public purse and that's the damn pollies in Canberra who not only made this law but have continued to maintain it in this current day, discriminating against the disabled.
Remind me this 2012 or 1712?

Three ticket-of-leave convicts walk into a pub in 1823...sorry, the chappies were blown off course and discovered the Brisbane River after being cared for by local Aboriginal People.
But had they walked into a pub I'm sure they'd be deciding on a name other than Brisbane for the body of water they found.

The two competitive states were joined (in unholy matrimony)  in 1883 when a train service between Melbourne and Sydney began.
But they've kept up the traditional bickering ever since.

Forty four years ago on this day, in 1968,  future TV presenter Simon Townsend was finally granted an exemption from National Service after having been on bread and water rations.

Now you've had your trivial drivel fill you may trot along and read about the infamous Pie Cart of Adelaide.

A bar maid longing for a pie floater.


  1. Now come on Jayne... that woman is actually in her death throes after eating a pie floater! May I add I have not one jot of sympathy for her, either.
    Tho I must thank you because I did not know the recipe required the pie be dropped in upside down nor that dead 'orse was a combl-mentry condiment.

    Aside from which the latest at should make yer blood boil.

  2. I just read it, FC, and I'm f'kn furious.
    How dare a child be 'too hard' in 2012!
    This state gives me the bloody shits at times.

  3. I bet my bottom dollar if a family relation of a pollie was denied entry into Australia because of Autism this unfair law would be changed quick smart. Pollies are also quick to accept a pay rise but when it comes to the ordinary worker they have to beg for it :-).

  4. Apparently the immigration decision has now been 'turned around' according to the link you gave us. Love how they now think that this makes them look decent when such an inhumane and heartless decision should not even have been considered in the first place.

    Did not know that Simon Townsend was imprisoned for protesting the Vietnam war or that he suffered a stroke. I do remember liking his show as a kid and being able to bring your dog (or any pet, as I had a beloved cat at the time) to work seemed like a good idea.

    And are you making claims that Adelaide's pie carts are DODGY? My father still gets a pie floater when he's in town and he's as strong as an ox!

  5. Oh, absolutely, Windsmoke; wish even half of their weekly income was spent on disabilties!

  6. Hmph, Kath, they reversed the same decision for a doctor with a child who had Downs Syndrome (after loud & protracted public protest) but they won't ditch the damn law.
    I've yet to taste a pie floater (can one make it at home?) and was fascinated by the history.

  7. I've been told by several people that the Beehive corner is so named because the uper floor has (or had) so many small offices or rooms that it resembles the honeycomb inside a beehive. This was after I confessed to not knowing the reason for the name when I posted similar photos a long time back.

  8. P.S. I think you probably could make your own pie floater, it's just green pea soup, pie and sauce. I've never had one as I don't like green pea soup and the only pies I eat are the ones I make myself. I'm rather inclined to think the attraction of the pie floater has a lot to do with the atmosphere surrounding the Pie Carts.

  9. Ahhhh, thank you, River!
    I don't mind green pea soup, sans mint, and I'm always partial to a pie or 3 so I might get my Pie Floater groove on one day lol.
    Or get em to reinstate a pie cart in Melb.

  10. pass on the pie floater, love the pie and sauce but peas underneath no, it's just wrong lol. I do like peas but pie and peas together no lol. yeah I know I am fussy. I read on the link that you provided that they had reversed it and it's a shame the guy wont come now, and I don't blame him or hsi family. What got me was the gp and his medical practice having to stump up a huge amount of $$$, thats disgusting.

  11. Yep, Janine, it's just damn wrong on so many levels that all that $$ was spent to fight an outdated bit of rubbish.
    I just hope it doesn't leave the whole family with a bitter idea of Aussies in general!