Sunday, June 10, 2012

Aussie History June TEN with Mascara, cats and wanking monkeys

First off, some housekeeping, no not the dust bunnies of doom kind.

ALDI have a version of Fruit Tingles!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess who's excited???!!!
In other thrilling news ZOMG the falsies mascara is rocking my eyeballs and I write these posts with a Basement Kitteh perched on my shoulders.

Have a gander at the hidden tunnels and underground world in Tasmania HERE.
And a good read regarding a new publication on the little-known Dutch slave trade HERE.
Go check out this news article HERE for a summary of 5 new publications with new slants on some tried and true icons of Aussie history.

Silly billy Captain Jimmy Cook accidentally parked his boat on the Great Barrier Reef in 1770.
Obviously, he was too busy reading the news article.

Didn't take long for the rot to set in and 1835 saw the birth of the first political party in Oz, the Australian Patriotic Association.

1851 and the time was up for the Sydney Ducks; having rampaged all over San Francisco one of their number, John Jenkins, was snaffled for stealing a safe for which he was then lynched at 2.10am on this day.

Finally, are you a rum doxy, an Abbess, a bob tail or maybe a shy cock within a snoozing ken playing with vamper and cats?
NFI what I'm babbling? (you're not alone in that).
Then click HERE to decipher my drivel.

And this gem is for all my own personal wanking monkeys.


  1. On a trip to India many years ago I hadn't realised just how many wanking monkeys I had captured on film until I got home. As a rule of thumb if there were more than three in the picture at least one of them was wanking.

  2. Ahhh, wanking monkeys seem to prefer an audience, EC, so in future let's avoid the crowds ;)

  3. fruit tingles at Aldi! On it.

    I must be told more about this mascara.

  4. While with the RN back a fair bit, the Barbary Apes in Gibralta were a great eye opener on our way ashore.
    Google, Barbary Apes. for info.

  5. The squealing of joy heard in this household over the fruit tingles was deafening. Kel.
    As was the mascara squeeeeee!
    It's the Maybelline purple mascara tube called "Falsies volume express".
    My precioussssssss.

  6. Vest, I shall now go google these apes and...whoa!
    Eyes.Wide.Open for sure!

  7. Ahhh the underground tunnels in Hobart.
    I'll never forget the day they let us move up to the surface...
    Best. Day. Ever. :P


  8. ROFL, G, that gets the best comment for the week award!

  9. Someone must have been asleep at the wheel or a wee bit tipsy when Jimmy Cook slammed into the great barrier reef :-).

  10. Windsmoke, I reckon they were playing Blindman's Bluff Drunk Strip Twister which involves a great deal of touchy-feely "warm, warmer, warmest!" and taking vodka shots everytime someone trips over a mast or rope.

  11. I had a wee giggle at deciphering your last comments in this post. I loved the names they came up for them all. Love that wee song and dance number, cos she sang with a smile on her face. I love how she got some people who had been slagged off to sing with smiles as well....very clever ditty.

  12. Laughing at the vulgar dictionary, ha ha "twiddle diddles", and I think I'm a rum doxy, but that is only my opinion. Then again, I live alone, so mine is the only opinion that counts.

  13. It is a clever comeback, Janine, too many people let the trolls win, this was a perfect slap in the face for the idiots :)

  14. Exactly, River, your opinion is the only one that should rank as important in your household!
    Yep, I had a great giggle at that article, myself :)

  15. Bill Cook to Helmsman enquiring as to the course being steered.

    "Helmsman, what Wheel have you on".

    Drunken Helmsman replies.
    "Sir, the same old wooden bastard".

  16. Sorry, meant Jimmy Cook in prev comment.

    Billy Cook was the Sydney Jockey who won the 'Melbourne Cup' in 45 on 14-1 Rainbird a South Australian escapee from the Knackers yard.