Friday, June 29, 2012

Aussie history, a mini-thesis, news and art. Want sarcasm with that?

Fabulous reading HERE of how the tradition of making the Aboriginal People's possum skin cloaks is being revived.
I may have missed it from the frontpage of mainstream media in amongst the 'newsworthy' reports of which celebrity is up who and which train-wreck reality series is shocking viewers.
Yes, that was sarcasm.
Now, you may have the obligatory eye rolling.
*rolls eyes til they fall out of head*

On this day in 1999 it was decided that the Myall Creek Massacre Memorial was also for reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

In other news screamed from the rooftops by the topmost media *cough* our very own Museum Victoria uncovered a rare fossil with a face that only its mother could have loved.
See above for further comment.

Love him or loathe him Ned Kelly was brought to his last residence, the Melbourne Gaol, on this date in 1880.
He wasn't a bad looking sort, was Ned !

Artist Sir Russell Drysdale shuffled off this mortal coil today in 1981.
This is a print (held by Feral Teen) of one of his more famous paintings, The Cricketers.
I used to think this an image of desolation when I was much younger, a portrait of the depressing, yawning emptiness of a ghost town.
But looking at it again I can see not an empty town but a community resting indoors during the heat of the day or bustling about out of sight with chores while youths entertain themselves.
The cheeky blue of the slate roof of the ?pub shows optimism, the sturdiness of the construction of the buildings shows serious investment and belief in the longevity of the town.

In 1948 when it was painted the world was still recovering after a massive war that had ended only 2 years before, while rationing was only about to be ceased.
Most towns lost their younger generations as the men (really boys) went off to war or work in the war-related industries in cities while the gals congregated to bigger towns and cities to do their bit, too.
Many never returned to the small country town homes after experiencing the bright lights but there were a large number who took their place in a bid to find a quiter life after the war in the years to come.
So, while it may seem to be an empty town offering nothing to its youth except a bare wall against which to play cricket, the painting hides a wealth of a country community, if we listen for it.


  1. Interesting look at the Drysdale.

    Of course ned was good looking - he as irish. He was, however a prat, which is a sure sign he was not 100% irish.

  2. "Want sarcasm with that?"
    Yes please.

    The possum skin cloak story wouldn't load, so I'll google possum skin cloaks and see what comes up.
    Ned Kelly was only 25 when he was hanged??
    I thought he was older.
    That's kind of sad, to die so young.

  3. And the debate still rages on as to where Ned Kelly's bones should be buried. Such is life :-).

  4. LOL FC, he was a bit of a silly bugger.

  5. They matured faster back in the day, River, when they had to steal nags and rob banks for themselves.

  6. As silly as the boy was, Windsmoke, I do think he deserves to be decently put 6 feet under, instead of being up and down like a bride's nightie as he has been.

  7. I clicked on the link expecting to find a face that only a mother could love. I was pleasantly shocked and studied the picture for some time, until I realized that you were refering to the bird, not Dr. Erich.

  8. LOL
    Yep, the bird was the culprit, Dr Erich isn't too bad to look at ;)