Monday, June 18, 2012

Aussie History on June 18

Today is Autistic Pride Day, when we get to celebrate neurodiversity rather than label people with harsh names.
Like "birthzilla" *gag*

I shall wave to those in Parliament of Victoria who have graced my blog with their presence of late *waves* Hi Teddy.

Scoping out op shops for costumes for Pirates of Penzance for the good and great Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in October in Dunolly, I'm also making pirate shoe buckles tres tawdry and gaudy.
If they were to be worn by a 'female entertainer' she would have to own the title of Tawdry Frippery Baubles.
And swing her tassels in just the right manner.
Did I mention I found a supply of tassels yesterday...?

1827 was the 12th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo so Captain James Stirling, having rejected Croker Island as far too beige to be salvaged with a make-over, toddled into Raffles Bay, in NT, and decreed that Fort Wellington was the shizz!

Two years later now Governor James Stirling, having finished sprinkling his brand of sparkle in NT, flung his hands in the air (like he just didn't care) and proclaimed the Colony of Western Australia.

1928 saw the release of a new country passenger timetable for Victorian Railways, (Oh, that I wish we had these services and timetables still active today!) which you can peruse HERE.



  1. Wow them timetables is something.

    Is the goat there cos that's what Ted gets yer?

  2. Poor old Teddy is really on the nose of late :-).

  3. Stirling was industrious, wasn't he? Now I know why there's a small town in the Adelaide Hills named after him.

  4. I love The Pirates of Penzance! Years ago I went to Her Majesty's Theatre here in Adelaide to see the performance done by Jon English and Simon Gallagher and their cast. It was hilarious!I'm sure your Dunolly performance will be just as great.

  5. Isn;t it great, FC?!
    Yes, re goat ;)

  6. He was a regular gadabout, Kath, all over the shop.

  7. We're going to have a ball,River, in the parklands of a private historical hotel, dancing and singing amidst the buttercups and butterflies :)

  8. oh dear I fear for the tassles. Put the tassles down much fun is that looking in op shops for costumes and making show buckles tres tawdry and gaudy. Besides the tassles how does one make a buckl tres tawdry and gaudy?

  9. LOL Janine, think glitter and faux gemstones galore ;)