Monday, June 11, 2012

Australian History June 11 with Hedgehogs, sans wanking but with Pisgah

I know I mentioned having fun researching new links and sites for my history links but I do actually have an extensive Aussie history chronology.
On another computer desktop.
One that isn't connected to anything.
Gathering dust at a great rate of knots.
Shut up, it was before USB flash drives crossed my path.
Yes, my Dunolly Chronology is on a flash drive (thank gawd).
Someday, in the future, we will take the aforesaid dusty computer to be serviced, hoovered, tickled with a French tickler and hopefully retrieve the chronology I spent years building.
Or die in the attempt.
Then cry.

Go have a look-see at this ever so sweet hedgehog that has a penchant for cat food HERE.

Officially established on this day in 1892 was the famed Limelight Department, the arm of the Salvation Army that gave the world the very first history doco on Australia.

Pupped on this day in 1868 in NZ was the acclaimed actor Bert Bailey who went on to become cemented in Aussie cinematic and stage history as Dad Rudd, a character from the pen of Steele Rudd.

Today in 1901 saw New Zealand annex the Cook Islands into their boundaries.

Now go find ye Pisgah.
No, I'm not typing with my teeth out, the name is Pisgah.
Ok, HERE is the map.
Mount Pisgah is a small volcano (extinct, it's EXTINCT, stop panicking!) near Ballarat which lent its name to a railway station on the equally extinct Waubra Railway Line, with a great article on the line HERE.


  1. Oh, I haven't heard of Mt Pisgah in years - was't it originally a biblical term for a mountain in heaven or something??

    Whatever, it makes for a blindingly brilliant blog post title!!!

  2. LOL Red, I did read the origin of the name but I've forgotten, will have to gurgle it again.
    You may have added Pisgah ;)