Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chickybabes, drunken matrons and the muffin man Oz History June 19

How are you all today?
Good, well rested and ready to rip into the day with talons sharpened?
Oh, yet to have the obligatory caffeine hit?
Sorry, we'll wait while you go brew up.....

Well, I'm as happy as a proverbial piggy-wiggy-woo in poop to learn that the historic Traralgon roundhouse is getting tizzied up like a drunken matron on nightshift.

On this day in 1975 one of greatest female tennis players Evonne Goolagong added Cawley to her surname when she married Roger Cawley.

Women were finally granted equal pay in 1969 under an Arbitration Commission decision and about bloody time.

In 1920 the Aussie flick The Breaking of The Drought (short clip available) was released in Oz; this film so detailed the devastating effects of drought upon Queensland that it was deemed too harmful to the Commonwealth and was banned in England.
Can someone screech "The sky is falling" please?

Do you know the Muffin Man?
Wait...how about...
Do you know where Captain Thunderbolt is?
If you're harbouring Captain Thunderbolt the National Film & Sound Archive wants you!
Wants to hear from you, I mean.


  1. Interesting that the term 'roundhouse' is used, which I thought was English, and we used another name, but I can't think what it might be.

  2. I think I've come across the term "turn table" or similar in Oz vernacular, Andrew, roundhouse was a new one on me, too!

  3. Well you asked: How are you all today?

    For me, the damn drivers side electic window went on the blink. $580 later it was fixed. If only I'd had the old fashioned manual wind up and wind down window, I'd be a lot better off and a lot richer.

    As for women being granted equal pay, I still here stories that some are not. I shake my head in disbelief.

    As for the Muffin Man, he comes to work offering high priced ordinary, whatever you want, coffee.

    As for "The breaking of the drought", we've had more than our fair share of water. Warragamba Dam has overflowed more than once; not since a very long, long time. Let's hope we get more of it; that is as long as you don't live downstream.

    Take Care,

  4. Woman granted equal pay?, i think someone forgot to tell the employers as i here stories that this is still not the case :-).

  5. G'Day, Pete, long time no see!
    Lovely to hear from you agaion, even if your hip pocket was hit hard and you're awash.

  6. Correct, Windsmoke, there are plenty of sectors where equal pay is as realistic as Harry Potter's wand.

  7. "Women were finally granted equal pay", yet just a week or two ago, there was a story on one of the current affairs shows about women still being paid a significant percentage less than their male counterparts. So what the heck happened?
    I do know that we supermarket staffers get the same rates of pay per hour, male or female, so I can't complain there.

  8. Who knows, River?
    Some blokes can't accept that we're all equal and can do the same work *shrugs*

  9. Hi Jayne, I'm out and about visiting new blogs and meeting new people. Its great to meet you! And I do know the Muffin Man. He lives on Drury Lane.

  10. We use 'roundhouse' in South Australia. I think.....