Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chuck it out Australian History June 20

Some housekeeping aka the "Links You Need To Read If You're Constipated".

Good article on Disasters and mental health in rural and remote are stretched skin thin in the main cities what makes anyone think there's a reliable mental health network in the bush?
One not fully run and maintained by unpaid carers/volunteers, I mean.

Damned good reading in THIS ARTICLE from Malcolm Fraser on the media in Oz.
Or what's left or it.

Aboriginal soldiers are still waiting for correct recognition and respect HERE.

A review of Bob "the Mad Hatter" Katter's curiously termed history book.

1927 on this day the Aussie film For The Term of His Natural Life premiered in Australia; it was made to a high standard for its day and made a huge profit at home but failed overseas as it couldn't compete with talking films.
To find out more about this historic flick, click HERE to read about the restoration of it in 1981.

The ever-gorgeous Adelaide Town Hall was officially flung open with gay abandon in 1866; for more details on the opening - the day of which was declared a public holiday - and the tickling of the merry organ click HERE.

Kasper Gus Ntjalka Williams OAM, renown country singer was born in 1937 at Hermannsburg in Central Oz.

And we're finally stating the monstrous chuck-it-out party and getting boxes in to begin packing to move!

 For my darling daughter if she's interested.


  1. There's nothing better than a bag of Darrell Lee licorice to fix up your constipation and get things on the move again, works for me :-).

  2. Lovely, Windsmoke, I'd forgotten about that delicious snack!

  3. Good old Malcolm ..... speaks a lot of sense in his dotage, doesn't he?

  4. I'm very impressed with the quality of his thoughts of late, Kath.
    Pity he can't put his old head on younger shoulders in parliament.

  5. I love the poster, may I please borrow it?

  6. Borrow away, River, I borrowed it from Facebook so I have no idea who I should credit for it (if anyone does know let me know and I'll rectify that!).