Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fifth of the Sixth and say it sithty times without your teeth in

Today there shall be no lost town for you to explore.
Instead I'll post the promised recipe to keep you glued to your stove top for a good minute or 3.
Today is the 156th day of the year so you might want to start thinking about Chrissy presents...

Rockhampton in QLD was cheering on the steam trams that began chugging about its environs in 1909.
More details and photos than you could shake a stick at HERE.

In 1866 famed explored John McDougall Stuart was feeling a tad under the weather; so unwell was the chappie that he dropped off the perch completly.

Fabulously wonderful author Jeannie Gunn was dropped off by the stork in Carlton in 1870.
A link HERE to remind you of her works and her place in our history.

Cyprus was heavily reinforced by Aussie troops in 1941 resulting in the Germans scraping their plans to launch an invasion similar to the one they lead on Crete.

Thick Soup.
Into a large pot sling a good couple of cups of dried lentils, beans and other usual suspects that lurk in with them.
Cover with water, bring to the boil, turn off heat, whack a lid on and go weed the garden.
Come back when you've earned a hot cuppa tea, stir the lentil/bean mix, then throw in chopped vegies of choice, enough diced onions to bring tears to the eyes of the statue of Queen Vic, chilli (optional), beef/chicken stock, pepper to taste, about 4 rashers of  diced delicious Dunolly Butcher bacon and anything else that takes your fancy.
Let the lot simmer, stir ocassionally, chase the kids away from the pot, have a cuppa, solve the crossword in The Welcome Record and send the other half out to get some crusty bread rolls from the Dunolly Bakery.
Blitz the mix with a blender til the whole lot is thick but vitamised, lightly toast the bread rolls and slather with butter.
Serve to the starving hoards and go back for seconds.



  1. I'd no idea Jeannie lived to such a ripe old age. She was certainly not the shy retiring type.

  2. She was a fabulous old gal, FC, and certainly had an eventful life :)

  3. OK then ,"Who Bonks the Stork"?

  4. Someone with the speed of Usain Bolt?

  5. I'll try your soup recipe, but only if I get to suck some squares of chocolate instead of solving the crossword.

  6. Yes, you're fully allowed to work your way through some choccie blocks, especially if they're good chocolate ;)

  7. *snap* I made thick vegetable soup for dinner tonight! No lentils or bacon, just chicken stock and a truckload of chopped vegetables. Yum yum.
    (I can't believe you're game enough to mention the Ch****words already!)

  8. Thick vegie soup is what the doctor ordered for this weather, River.
    The Ch***** word is rather rude in June, aye lol.

  9. The soup sounds like a winner !

    I want chocolate too now - freezing here in the sticks.

  10. It's summer here, and so chillis are considered rude, as they are there. But I love soup, and will come back to that. What's a rasher of bacon, btw?