Monday, June 4, 2012

Go 4th on June Twenty Twelve

Have you been keeping your tootsies warm?
Been drinking lots of hot tea with honey and lemon to stave off the dreaded lurgy doing the rounds?
How about tossing together a delicious stick to your ribs and keep you humming along for hours meal?

If you haven't, I'll toss in a recipe to keep you out of mischief and fed properly.

Kasey Chambers, she of the warbling fame, was found in the cabbage patch on this day in 1976.

This day in 1943 saw the tragedy of the Cromwell-Dunedin express train derailment at Hyde, NZ.
Further details HERE.

Someone who most us have no idea about but whom we all possibly owe a thanks to is Rev.Dr. Sir Alan Walker who was pupped in 1911 and who created Lifeline.

Lastly, another author and politician shared between Oz and NZ was Vincent Pyke who popped his clogs in 1894 on this day in Lawrence, NZ.
Read more about this chappie HERE.

Today, I send you out to search up hill and down dale for Angustown.
Hope you packed a cut lunch and left a trail of breadcrumbs to get home again as you'll be searching for quite awhile.
Angustown was on the north side of Reedy Lake near Rushworth, map HERE.
This was a town that grew up around a sawmill, with a school built to accomodate the numerous children of the families of the mill workers.
Further information HERE and HERE.
Yes, there will be a test on it...laterish.
 Before popping out to explore, cast your baby blues over this gorgeous rotunda at Beaufort.


  1. The Beaufort rotunda had a lean on it when I last saw it.

  2. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have sat down in it while noshing on a joint of roast beef!

  3. All of these tidbits are fascinating, Jayne - how do you search them all out???

  4. I have no life, Kath, lol.
    I literally spend hours online finding stuff ;)

  5. I like Kasey Chambers music, well, most of it. I went to a concert of hers here in Adelaide several years ago and bought a t-shirt and mug from the souvenir stand. The saleswoman was Kasey's mum.
    My grand daughter, (the youngest one) was also born on June 4th, she's 8 years old today. It is also the anniversary of my mum's death. N was born just after 1am, mum died 8 hours later, same day, same year.
    I love old rotundas, they have atmosphere.

  6. Happy birthday to your grandbaby, N, River!
    I'm sorry you have such a sad anniversary along with a happy one xx.