Sunday, June 17, 2012

Henry Lawson Australian History June 17th

Today is Henry Lawson's birthday.
He was born in 1867 and began writing great stories and poems from a young age.
That is all you need to know for today.
For today should be declared a public holiday for every person in this Fair Isle of Oz to celebrate Harry's works.
Oh, alright.
Here's a good novel of Harry's life, including some little-known facts.

Here's some of his poetry HERE.

If you have been lax in your education of Harry's stories go lurk in an op shop, trawl through the bookshelves and you'll find at least one book of his short stories - buy it IMMEDIATELY.
Then, trot back home, make yourself a cuppa tea and curl up with the book... and be transported to another time and place in our fair brown land as the master word artist paints you a picture in which you can be comfortably absorbed.

Or click HERE to read some of his fabulous short stories and begin your love affair with his laconic writing style.

Not many writers can claim to be legends while they were still alive but our own Henry Lawson can rightfully claim it, another reason why we should be teaching more of his writings to young kids and celebrating his life far more than we currently do.

Harry is recognised and lauded in Norway, being of Norwegian descent via his father, another great link HERE.

While Harry did make an appearence in an early silent film While The Billy Boils in 1921 this below is a virtual movie of his poem "One Hundred and Three".
103 was Harry's prisoner number when he was in gaol.


  1. I've saved the Henry Lawson link to my favourites list and I'll read some of his short stories when I have more time. I may look at the poetry too, but I've never been a fan of poetry so, we'll see. I used to have a book of Australian Short Stories and I think there was one of his in there, but I can't find the book right now, I hope I haven't lost it. It was one of our required reading books in high school.

  2. You'll enjoy his stories, River, mostly straight forward ;)

  3. Love Mr Lawson. Dad used to read his short stories to us around the campfire.

    The Loaded Dog is my all time favourite.

  4. Oh, yes, the Loaded Dog was a beaut story, Kath, one of my favs, too :)