Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22 Floods,Teddy ,costumes, Kitty and Queens!

The Feral beastie needed a mental health day so 'is 'orrible muvver dragged 'im by the scruff ov 'is neck an' we traipsed up the tracks to Dunolly yesterday.
Well, we trained it to Bendigo because, Hello, Teddy Baillieu, there is not a trolley to be had to Dunolly railway station and one must alight from the choo choo at Bendigo then road coach it to Dunolly.
Too bad if one was to want to take ones furbaby or cycle to Dunolly because not a beastie or a bike may be transported on the road coaches.
So, Teddy Baillieu, go attend to this outrage immediately, as you're looking suspiciously like your former seat polishers, Bracks and Brumby, with few stations reopened.

Will we, in future years, see the Three B's sharing a high tea at the remodelled Windsor Hotel, crooking their pinkies with not a policy to distinguish any of them...

Anyway, we had a lovely few hours in Dunolly, dodging the raindrops, digging through the gems in the op shop, delighting in the delectable Dunolly Bakery fare and discussing costumes to be made for the G&S Festival.
If my darling Kitty was still about she would have a ball singing and sewing!
Failing that, we could get Teddy on the treadle with the tartan and tulle!

WTF is it with the annual sleepout to highlight the plight of the homeless and our local council determined to make a mockery of the whole thing by repeatedly removing homeless people's belongings at the same time???
Does someone hear about the sleepout and take it as a calendar reminder to "clean up" the homeless problem in our area?
Once again the local homeless have had their mattresses removed from under cover, leaving them without something between them and the icy cold concrete.

PM Ben Chifley made every housewife's day  in 1948 by announcing that rationing had ceased and desisted on meat and clothing.
For a summary of the rationing and coupon history of WW2 in Oz, click HERE.
Some of you shopaholics may need to sit down...

1952 and there was a fair bit of rain falling in south-eastern Oz to the point there was major flooding i
n Gippsland and NSW, further details and synoptic chart HERE.

Aussie PM Andrew Fisher lead a delegation of Aussies to London in 1911 for the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary on this date.
And bless all who sail in her.

Happy birthday to Oz musician Gary Garry Beers!

And remember -
Those who say nothing is impossible have never tried to staple water to a tree.
                                                                        Quote from Feral Aspie Teen.


  1. Inxs rock. Bottoms up G. G. Beers :-).

  2. *pours you another* Cheers, Windsmoke ;)

  3. Oooh!! The homeless cleanup really gets my goat!!
    Mattresses and blankets, other possessions removed, for no good reason than to have the area looking cleaner on TV.
    And those that stage a "sleep-out" don't get my vote for any favours. So they're "doing it tough" for a night! So what??? After their one night, they get to go back to warm rooms and beds! The real homeless have no such luxury and stay out night after night, winter after winter, freezing their bums off.

  4. P.S. I looked at Dunolly on a website to see what the costs would be to stay there for a little holiday, the caravan park is way out of my budget, don't know about hotels, haven't looked into them yet, but it does look as if I won't be able to get there and sample the bakery goods.

  5. The sleep out by pollies and CEOs are mostly staged in grandstands, as hubby said they aren't fighting for space on the streets.
    Awww, that's a shame, River, what about a day trip ?
    There's a motel in the town, if that helps.