Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24 Blue Betley Crows & Happy Birthday Deb!

About 6 weeks ago the Feral Aspie teen almost lost his right pinky finger through a silly accident that wouldn't normally rate so much bloodshed.
He's left with a digit that is chunky and misshapen but he has a full finger.
A good friend had a pain in her breast and, two weeks later, has had a double mastecomy and will probably have chemo to 'mop up' the residual cancer.
I'm re-watching cloudstreet; I love this story and the adaptation is wonderful with the music and photography capturing the essence of the heart.
It's so bizarre as to be painfully sharply true to life, sad yet hopeful and funny, a mirror for us to find the silver linings within.
It's a time, a life I'd love to dive into, to explore and really live....except nothing's changed apart from the date on the calendar.
To deem that some part of the human race deserves to be put to death due to their sexuality is reprehensible.
I will not be delving into the riches of the Salvos op shops from now on and I will tell friends not to bother - sad thing is it will only really impact those who rely on the charity.

Today is the 2nd anniversary of former PM Kevin Rudd being ousted from the leadership of the ALP and the 2nd anniversary of Australia's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, assuming office.

2005 Schapell Corby sacked her legal team after allegations they demanded half a million dollars from the Oz Govt to bribe the Balinese High Court Judges.

1955 Sydney newspaper printers went on strike with journos joining them; the newspaper owners brought out a composite newspaper made up of four broadsheet titles while the printers and journalists brought out their own paper named The Clarion.

Have you explored the new Newcastle Museum yet?

And have a guess where the BLUE crow was eyeballed on this day in 1926?
Yes, Betley boasted a BLUE crow.

This is not the feathered fury in question, I fear it may have been the Bluebird of Happiness looking to poop on someone's shoulder.
After it has trilled a greeting in my dear cousin's ear.
Happy Birthday, Deb!


  1. Thank the gummi mary for you Roey, I would not keep up with any news or history if I did not visit your blog! :)

  2. LOL
    Thanks, Cazzie, I do my best not to send everyone to sleep with my blather ;)

  3. Ex pm Kevin Rudd is lying low around the back benches plotting his come back as leader of the Labour Party at the next election :-).

  4. He's lying low, alright, Windsmoke, but I reckon it's more to avoid the nappy changing of his new grandbaby lol.

  5. Why thank-you dear cuz for the mention! The Bluebird of happiness is welcome to trill in my lug- hole, anytime :)

  6. No worries, cuz, hope you had a great birf-dee :)

  7. The Salvo's attitude to homosexuals is not new to me. Like everyone thinks Mother Theresa was wonderful, when she wasn't, people need to look deeper than just hearing before they put people or orgs on pedestals.

  8. Simpson and his donkey is another myth that needs to be viewed critically.

  9. @Andrew, I've never heard anything bad about Mother Theresa, enlighten me?