Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26 with spleen ventage +

I am so over this damn debate on asylum seekers.
No, there are no such things as 'illegal' asylum seekers.
It is legal to seek asylum in another country.
There is no queue for them to be labelled 'queue jumpers'.
Off-shore processing will not stop people getting in boats and seeking asylum.
Playing swapsies with Malaysia will not stop people getting in boats and seeking asylum.
Painting our arses blue and shoving a daisy up our jacksie will not stop people getting in boats and seeking asylum.
When people are desperate to escape war, famine, anarchy, ignorance, hatred and every other sort of torture we've managed to think up to perpetrate upon our fellow human beings they will sell their soul for a place in a leaky boat to seek asylum anywhere.
When we start escorting the leaky boats to safe harbour then we will have the beginnings of a decent asylum seeker policy.

1880 wasn't a happy day for poor old Aaron Sherritt who got slightly deadish from a gun shot would that was delivered by Joe Byrne for grassing on the Kelly Gang to the traps for moolah.

1980 After having a bad hair day with the Old Parliament House decor, pollies announced that US-based architects Mitchell, Giurgola and Thorp had won the design comp to cobble together a New Parliament House.

1914 Excitingly (to me and all who lived in Yaapeet) the Yaapeet to Rainbow railway line opened...which was reopened in February of this year to the happy sounds of grain trains doin' their thang.


  1. Its time somebody in the federal government stepped up to the plate with a firm hand to solve the asylum seeker problem with a policy that is in the best interests of Australia instead of making dumb, childish and lame excuses. What we don't need is the terrorist and criminal rabble coming here from other countries causing trouble :-).

  2. Hear hear!

    If you're desperate enough to hop on a dangerously leaky boat and risk your life in order to escape poverty, death and persecution, it sure as hell ain't illegal and you shouldn't be 'punished' via detention or offshore processing at the other end.

    And anyone who thinks it's 'queue jumping' (hate that phrase) should spend, oh, I don't know, FIVE years in a refugee camp and then see if they'll be as quick to label asylum seekers so readily.

    Now I'll take a deep breath and try not to focus on the fact that one of my Sydney friends STILL doesn't believe in climate change.....

  3. One thing I do know. I don't need to seek Asylum. I LIVE in an Asylum!

  4. Maybe the gubbermints needs to stop condoning the blowing up of other people's countries for spurious reasons, stop propping up regimes of unpleasantness and the like, and then (like they did way back in 2005) the boats won't even need to come. Magic, that was. Bit of stability, bit less of the shooty and the explode-y and people are more than happy to saty home instead of trekking acros shark infested waters in search of living somewhere with less guns.

    And good lord - if they're so hell bent on stopping the "illegal" boat people, what about stopping the PLANE PEOPLE???? The other 45,000 actual real live 'queue jumpers' who could afford to hop on a plane!

    Muttergrumble. Worked in bloody welfare for a really really long time, those pesky queue jumpin' asylum seekin' boat people DO NOT GET MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. THEY DO NOT GET BENEFITS AHEAD OF ANYONE ELSE (and that includes your poor old mother who only has $1.3mil in assets and is bitching because she can't get the pension even though her husband worked all his life)

    Going off for a bex and a lay down right about now before I get started on the lack of involvement of the carbon price in the potential demise of a certain smelter.

  5. A re-opened railway line?? Well, I'll be darned, miracles do happen.
    The only problem I have with asylum seekers is we just don't have the infrastructure in place to support so many people. Not just housing, but other resources, like transport, water supply, schools and hospitals which are being closed all over the place.