Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28 Cricket with a side serving of ball & strippers pole

 I'm not a sporting or sporty person but I'll go the extra mile to tempt your cricketing taste buds today.

1882 The Aussies made a grand stand at a little game called cricket and had the audacity to beat the United South of England on their home ground.
Wanna tissue?

1914 The far-too-early death of fabulous cricket batsman Victor Trumper happened on this day due to Bright's Disease.
He is memorialised by the Trumper Park Oval.

2006 Keith Miller's Baggy Green cricket cap was sold at auction for $35,000 more than half a century after he wore it.

A bit of a theme happening today.
Last but not 1938 Bradman scored 102 in a drawn match at Lord's Cricket Ground, England.

You may have noticed ads appearing (or they may only be blank spaces so far) about my blog; I've given up playing at the starving writer in the French attic room (or the floozy shaking her tassled ta-tas for free around a strippers pole) and have started down the path of being renumerated for my blog blather.
Whether or not advertisers wish to expose their precious products to my daily acidic drivel, we will see......

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