Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Deux with finger lickin' goodness

You do realise I've had to scramble to hunt down all my resources again to restart this daily blathering?
Oh, shush your complaining, yes I am back to shovelling Aussie history down your gullets...think of it as a cultural snack for your brain.
Or not.
Although I shouldn't complain about the hunting; I've found new links, kicked the outdated dead 'uns to the kerb and I have several furbabies snuggled up beside me as I type this on my lap (and am learning the fishing secrets of Swamp People from the idiot box, cos you never know when I'll go fishing for alligator...).

Looking into my Crystal Ball I see that this day in 1846 was a Friday, possibly a tad chilly with mild fog and a smattering of rain, leaving the very first issue of The Argus newspaper a trifle damp in the arms of news boys dashing in and out from seemingly under the very wheels of carriages on the gritty streets of Batmania (aka Melbourne).

Back in the dim dark past of 1983 the Attorney-General Paul Landa met with reps from the Homosexual Law Reform Coalition on this day in Sydney who were lobbying for a Government homosexual law reform Bill.

In 1802 the original Rainbow Warrior, Aboriginal resistance fighter Pemulwuy, was shot and decapitated after fighting the British settlers from 1790 until his death; this is sometimes referred to this as Australia's oldest murder mystery.

Now, if you're reading this at the ungodly hour at which I've scheduled it think of moi snuggled up under the doona with the furbabies warming my toes...and I'll hope you're not too damp or cold.

An old stables out the back of a house at Beaufort.


  1. "Australia's oldest murder mystery"
    One for the Cold Case people then. Wouldn't that be an interesting episode!
    I'm not too cold here, it's after 8am already and I'm well snuggled in dressing gown and furry slippers.
    I've watched a few of the Swamp People episodes, they're quite resourceful aren't they?

  2. Yay for the furry slippers!

  3. I am pleased you have started posting Aussie history again. I might only retain one of your bon mots but that is better than nothing.

  4. Thank you, dearie, I'm feeling so much better of late :)

  5. Ah, the Argus. I'm partly in love with their grand old building on Elizabeth Street which I hope will soon receive some decent love and restoration.

  6. Oh, Kath, you must subscribe to the White Hat Newsletter, there was a recent writehe Argus building needing TLC asap !

  7. Batman was a bit of a prat, methinks, but blissfully unaware of it.