Saturday, June 30, 2012

Medieval Festival, lost riches discovered, history and a shredded finger.

Today is June 30th and you know what that means?
Well, don't you???
Oh, you don't?

On this day in 1802 a proclamation by Govenor Philip Gidley King announced,
"His Majesty forbids any act of injustice or wanton cruelty to the Natives, yet the settler is not to suffer his property to be invaded or his existence endangered by them, in preserving which he is to use the effectual, but at the same time the most humane, means of resisting such attacks".

Seems the art world is afire with lust for Australian Aboriginal artefacts with some pieces going for astronomical sums at auctions.

In 1834 there was excitement sizzling in the air (no, not the fairies being zapped on the mozzies killers) when the new colony of South Oz was birthed; such was the thrilling titillation that a large public meeting was held at Exeter Hall to explain the new-fangled Colony of South Australia.

Seems Myer really is the store for value as an archaeological dig on the site of the new store in Tassie has unearthed what may be the first currency exchange  (other than the convicts exchanging a flogging for a few bob).

On this date in 1965 the national service intake began recruit training which would initially last 12 weeks before most of the young boys were sent to serve in the Infantry.

We barely know what treasures we have at our fingertips or at our feet unless we trip over them at times; the new publication detailing the life of Father John Ward and his extensive collection of historical items in Caboolture some of which are available to be seen at the Abbey Medieval Festival.
And if any of you are going to the Abbey Medieval Festival could you get me a showbag?
Y'know, the one featuring the novelty head on a pike, the home remedy of licking the back of a cane toad and everyone's favourite, the old hag kewpie doll*.
Seriously, I hope someone is going, it sounds like fun!

*These are a figment of my imagination.
I hope.

The shredded finger about 6 weeks on. The fat, chunky bit is displaced fat, the scabby bit is coming off (again) and could keep going regularly due to poor blood circulation to the finger.
The Feral Teen has some feeling in it but he can mostly feel the bone rather than the flesh on the outside.
When this was first shredded we could see the bone and he's damn lucky to have kept the top joint at all.
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  1. Yep, its the end of the financial year and time to do your tax thats if you pay any. The carbon tax starts tomorrow so watch out for the scammers. Nasty looking finger it almost looks like another finger is growing :-).

  2. That finger ...... makes me want to put my toast crusts down!

  3. Got plenty of scammers on the phone with the "your computer is sending out corrupted files and we can sell you software to fix it" BS, Windsmoke, without more of the damn buggers!

  4. It's a nasty one, Kath, and I fear it's going to give him a lot of gip in the coming years as he's already complaining of the cold making it ache (anyone for arthritis?).

  5. Of course I know what June 30th means. It's the night of the $30m lotto megadraw, which I did NOT win. Boo-hoo. Sigh.
    And tax time too. There's rumors that anyone earning under a certain amount may not have to pay taxes next year, so this may be my last tax return ever.
    That's an ugly finger alright. I hope it doesn't give him too much trouble in the future.

  6. All of what you said and then some, River.
    Drats on the lottery.