Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On this day in Australian History Thirteen

Look, I've got as far as the 13th, aren't you excited?
Watching grass grow floats your boat more?
I see.
Well, then.
I'll just bombard you with historical shiz you can regurgitate at the water cooler...or at the next trivia night.
Until you give in

Mrs. Macquarie (possibly known as Missus Mac by the convicts) must have been properly chuffed as she could finally park her arse in 1816 due to the completion of Mrs Macquaries Road to Mrs Macquaries Chair.

1951 saw the passing of the 16th Prime Minister of Oz, Ben Chifley. (Got the spelling right this time, Ann!).

Had Missus Mac been around in 1923 no doubt she would have taken to the new toast spread Vegemite like the proverbial pig to sh duck to water.
And I'm certain she would have heartily approved of the flavour but not the name of iSnack 2.0 (aka Cheesybite) which appeared in 2009.

Happy birthday to Red Symons!

Now, most of you are aware of the great lump of mountainous rock called Ben Nevis in Scotland, are you not?
Go google it, we'll wait.
*taps foot, looks at watch*
OK, now you're edumakated, did you know we also boast of a Ben Nevis here in Victoria?
Well, ok, it's not a huge mountain....nor a small mountain....nor a itty hump in the landscape.
It's a....railway station.
Yes, I am rather partial to railways, trains, trams, et el.
Go read the lost railway and tram lines over at Lost and Found.
Anywho, Ben Nevis station was a part of the Maryborough to Avoca to Ararat line and another, Ben Nevis to Navarre line, both of which somehow hooked up with the Mildura line and if you can make any sense out of this mess of connections, good luck to you!

 This may or may not be Missus Mac cavorting at her chair.


  1. I tried chessybite once and it was YUK!. I'll be a happy little vegemite and stick to the original :-).

  2. Is Cheesymite still on sale on Oz after the iSnack disaster?

    I *did*know of Ben Nevis, having seen the little Scottish hill meself back in 1981 when my family lived in Scotland but the train station in Australia is another matter entirely. ..... Wonder if it sells mint cake and IRNBRU?

  3. Now, if history was written like this when I was at school, I'm sure I'd have been a lot more interested!

  4. I am not even a happy little vegemite (much prefer promite) so wasn't remotely tempted by cheesybite. I knew of Ben Nevis as well, but cannot tell you from whence the information came (which is true of a lot of the stuff resident in my head). I love the image of the putative Mrs Mac dancing. Thanks.

  5. The new baby version isn't too bad, Windsmoke, less salt and very palatable!

  6. LMAO Kath, I know what both of those are nad IRNBRU isn't too bad to taste ;)
    Yep, Cheesybite is still on sale.

  7. Thank you, Sharon!
    I try to make it silly and fun - like myself ;)

  8. You just know she'd have danced all over Mrs Macquarie's chair, don't you, EC?

  9. Red Symons has birthdays? I thought he was just a grumpy-model string puppet.

    I love vegemite but it isn't the same as the vegemite I remember from childhood, not as black and doesn't spread as easily sometimes.

  10. He does, indeed, River, and I love the persona he dons to get his cranky manx on lol.
    Try the low salt one, River, it spreads easily and is yum :)

  11. I will eat vegemite if there is no marmite lol. I wonder if marmagate of the lack of marmite in NZ hit the news in OZ. You have to laugh really. Or maybe I do cos we have a stash of it. cheesybite ick....just so wrong lol

  12. LOL Janine, no, I haven't heard about Marmagate!
    I'll have to go search gurgle for it now, the lack of Marmite in NZ?!
    Crikey, things must have been desperate!