Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oz History June 21 & Kitty

 Read about how delving into old dunnies helps add to our knowledge of history, culture, society and environments HERE.

You know those moments you have in "intimate" situations where you hope like hell you aren't going to head towards the light after a monster heart attack, aneurism implosion, brain fart or whatever?
Oh...that's just me?
Well, here is a couple who got to be immortalised in the very act.

If you're heading to London anytime in the next 100 years have a read of THIS on old pubs.

And even if you're not inclined towards the old frilly double pinny the apron is making a big comeback HERE.

Waaaay back in 1952 The West Australian newspaper printed some great history on the early European settlers of the area and the East Perth Cemetery which some kind soul has transcribed and uploaded HERE.

Sticking to the same corner of the Fair Isle of Oz, the Perth Mint flung open its grand doors for business in 1899, to welcome all that deliciously abundant gold that people kept tripping over in large numbers.

That fabulous doco that we all chatted about only 12 months ago yet barely rates a mention despite the constant fear some pollies have of boats Go Back To Where You Came From aired it's first installment on this day.

Opposition Leader, Arthur Calwell, gambolled off to give a speech on conscription at the Mosman Town Hall 1966 when there was a failed assasination attempt upon him.

And a BIG happy birthday to John Paul Young aka Squeak.


  1. I reckon Love is in the Air by John Paul Young has gotta be the most annoying song ever in my books :-).

  2. Ah yes, I do remember having a drink or several in the Spaniards Inn in Hampstead during my London days....

  3. Oh I love aprons and collect them and tend to buy them mainly from op shops. Okay did I miss something are you moving to Dunnolly permanent like???

  4. For $1 I found an apron at a nursing home jumble sale and as much as it looks and feels daggy it's excellent at protecting clothes when cooking with oil or flour.

    As for sewing on bric a brac and other ornamentals, this would not be my cappuccino. And if an apron were too attractive, it would have to be covered with an apron when cooking with oil or flour.

    Just as well I'm only one notch up the rung from a bogan.

  5. Absolutely, Windsmoke, although I do like that clever insurance ad featuring him cutoff just as he's about to sing the dreaded tune lol.

  6. Ahhh, excellent, Kath!
    Now, start divulging all the other nitty gritty from those days... :P

  7. Yes, the op shop ones are classics, Janine :)
    Yep, getting ready for the big sell up and move in the near future :)

  8. Oh, I so hear you with an apron over the apron, FC, some of them are too pretty to be used at all!
    Sewing and I parted company shortly after my craft teacher attempted to teach me how to use an electric sewing machine....