Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oz history on 16th June

Ponchos are back in fashion so, combine the Tunisian Crochet you're about to learn (oh yes you are) with an easy poncho pattern and you can proudly show off your new skill.
And stay warm.

Getting in touch with your arty-farty side, just like the not-so brutish Neanderthal Blokes and Blokesses did.

Australian Surveyor-General and garden variety explorer Lieutenant Colonel Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (say that quickly three times when you're three sheets in the wind) was pupped in Scotland in 1792 and discovered that he suffered from itchy feet.

Way back in history in 1784 Holland outlawed the wearing of orange clothes.
Fashion critics everywhere!

Today in 1988 saw the blue Harris trains withdrawn from service on the suburban rail lines.

Today Charles Perkins, Australian Aboriginal activist, soccer player, public servant was born in 1936 in Alice Springs.
A very well-written, thorough bio is available through Skwirk HERE.



  1. oh I love some of those ponchos. Sigh I wanna poncho now lol, I still remember my crochet one as a child. I can't wait to see your finished poncho,

  2. Well you just know how to make my weekend don't ya. I'll go and have a looksie at that pattern me thinks. I love crochet! And why is it my youngest one is wearing rugby socks? *slinks back to her hold and shuts the rock back down*

  3. The blue harris trains were withdrawn from service because they were riddled with asbestos insulation in the walls and ceilings :-).

  4. Thanks, Janine, mine is a dog's breakfast of odds and sods so it'll be a challenge to wear it out of doors lol.

  5. Hiya, Liz!
    Hope you give the Tunisian crochet a go, I can see swathes of women bandying huge crochet hooks about at stitch 'n' bitch circles!

  6. Shhhh, Windsmoke.
    I know that but they could have modelled the hideous silver Comeng trains on those classic Harris and Red Rattler trains *sighing for lost style*

  7. Hey! Just yesterday I was wishing I had a poncho as the blanket kept slipping off my shoulders. will investigate those links toot-sweet. But first I'll read the rest of your post.

  8. I'm disappointed. There's no explanation as to why the orange clothing was banned in Holland.
    Now I'm off to google knitted ponchos, because I can't crochet.

  9. Some of those ponchos look they were made by professional fishermen using net needles.What with the size of the 'oles in em and the off the shoulder models, they could offer no warmth to anyone living further south that the tropic of capricorn. A knitted one as suggested by River might be a tad more practical and even more attractive.

    As for the Harris trains, oive heard they were all dumped at sea because of the asbestos problem. Prawns, anyone?

  10. Maybe I should live a little and dare to wear an orange poncho in Holland?

  11. The colour orange is that of the Dutch Royal family, River, so I assume they were out of favour at the time.

  12. Tunisian crochet is a lot tighter and way warmer than the fisherman's nets, FC ;)
    Most ended up in the tip at Clayton, down the deeeeeep sand mine holes.

  13. Go on, Kath, be daring and wear the Royal Orange in Holland and see if you get treated proper ;)