Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sixth day of June of Whatever Year you care to name

Today is, amazingly, yet another day on which Things Happened.
Mostly mundane, dull run of the mill Things but they Happened, nonetheless.
Some we've managed to file under F for Forget while other Things have been marked as Important by Those Who Should Know Better.
And these are the Things that are crammed into our skulls only to be regurgitated at exam time, when we're worshipping the porcelain god or during a nervous wedding toast.

 Tony Lockett became The Highest Goal Kicker in Aussie Rules Football in 1999.
While playing for The Bloods aka Sydney Swans aka South Melbourne Footy Club.

John Batman created the Batman Treaty in 1835 between himself and Wurundjeri elders in the Port Phillip District to secure land for settlers.
Gov Bourke later declared the treaty invalid.

Queen Vic jotted her signature onto Letters Patent that made Queensland forever part ways from NSW in 1859 and become a seperate colony.

Port Jackson in 1790 no doubt rang to the sound of many cheers as the Floating Brothel aka the Lady Juliana rocked up with a load of chickybabes.



  1. Ah, the Lady Juliana, an early form of germ warfare!

  2. With a turn of an ankle there goes another blast of syphilis.

  3. "a cargo so unnecessary and so unprofitable as 222 females, instead of a cargo of provisions". I guess then that Judge David Collins didn't partake in what the cargo onboard Lady Juliana had to offer.

  4. No, he most probably had interests...elsewhere.

  5. Ah yes, good old Plugger. Well do I remember feeling (briefly) glad that my surname was going to change from 'Chopper' Read to Lockett until someone said, 'Hey, Plugger!'

  6. LOL Poor Kath, you can't win either way, except Plugger seems to have faded into the woodwork these days, the shy and retiring little poppet that he is ;)

  7. "Pain Killer Gully Road"??
    Who thought that up I wonder?

  8. Probably those with a wicked sense of humour, River - it's the road to the Dunolly Cemetery, best form of pain killer is death!