Friday, June 29, 2012

Sweet Steak Wraps

  1. Trot along to the Dunolly Butchers and get thee some skirt steaks or pound the heck out of some thin steaks.
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  3. Grab yourself some pitted prunes - don't be cheap and buy the non-pitted variety cos trying to cut stones out of those slippery little suckers is a kitchen accident waiting to happen with a sharp knife.
  4. If you have an aversion to prunes use orange/mandarin segments.
  5. On the steak spread your choice of either French mustard/horseradish/relish/chutney, etc.
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  7. On top of this carefully place your choice of/or combination of spinch/silverbeet/celery leaves/bok choy, etc. Don't toss them in higgledy-piggledy; use the spread to secure the leaves.
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  9. At the narrow end of the steak place several pitted prunes; flatten them as much as possible between your fingers, then place them on the leaves.
  10. Beside them place a couple of pitted and/or stuffed olives.
  11. At this stage you could also add several long strips of fresh capsicum or mild chilli.
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  13. Slowly begin to roll the meat and stuffings up into a tube; once you've rolled over the prunes tuck the edges inwards to secure the olives inside. Depending on how tight or how much you've stuffed into it you can secure the roll with a toothpick or 3.
  14. At this stage you place the meat rolls on a tray and baste with Golden Syrup and lemon juice mixture, let sit in fridge for at least 1 hour.
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  16. Grill or pan fry in minimum oil in a hot pan, this will cook quickly with the added marinade and lid to cover.
  17. Serve on a bed of tossed salad with a basic vingarette dressing that will compliment the marinade and a generous dollop of Greek Yoghurt.


  1. I'm going to try that

    .... when steak drops to less than EIGHTY SWISS FRANCS per kilo!

    Could I do it with chook breast?

  2. And before you attempt this, make absolutely certain you are adjacent to a lavatory with plenty of bum wipe.

  3. Kath. Our local Franklins Supermarket in NSW Oz today has rump steak unsliced at.....$5-99 per kilo.

  4. *pases BB a serviette for the drool* :P

  5. Yep, Kath, slice the chook fillet thinly or belt it with a spare teapot and stuff then roll.

  6. You have previous form with le prunes, Vest *snort*

  7. That's indecently cheap!
    Wish we still had Franklins in Vic.

  8. If I get myself over there, am I invited to dinner?

  9. Absolutely, Debby!
    In fact, I'm laying a place for you as I type....;)