Thursday, June 28, 2012

That's Mz Chopped Liver to you! Knitting and crochet and craft, oh my!

I'm the fish that John West advertisers reject, apparently.
Two have replied with thanks but no thanks so far, so I shall continue to shake my ta-tas for free, it seems.
Now, pass me the yarn and I'll make me some extra glittery tassles to shake....

In other news, see this gorgeous shawl?
My dear friend Leigh from Peskypixies's Blog surprised me with this beautiful gift.
I lurve handcrafted items like this; there's so much character, care, attention and time put into them and this work of Leigh's is no different.
Thank you, Leigh!

Anywho, I normally crochet cos I'm an impatient old cow.
Something like this, a baby blanket, easy to make without me having to watch every stitch and do a nasty to my wonky eyeballs.
I was wondering through The Reject Shop the other day, looking for things to make costumes and whatnot (that's for another craft post)when I spied this wool and fell in love, hearing the siren call of it to "knit me, kniiiiiiiit me" and I could imagine how good it would look in stocking stitch.
Yes, things talk to me.
Yes, I am strange.
Yes, I am on medication.
No, I don't have my own strait jacket.
 Anyway this is my progress thus far...
 What do you think?
I'm  trying hoping to make a vest similar to this one HERE.
I had to go and refresh my memory on stitches and names, the waistband is a tad wonky cos I forgot to use smaller needles for the ribbing then change into slightly larger needles for the rest but, meh, it'll be a wobbly extra.


  1. Oh you are so lucky to be so creative. I have forgotten how to croche.. and do not get me started on knitting. I drop more stitches than anyone I know lol. A vest would be awesome right now!

  2. Thanks, Cazzie!
    You should get your girls crocheting, I reckon they'd make you the vest in no time lol ;)

  3. I love that wool!!
    Now about your crocheting...I've seen a pattern for a throw rug in a magazine that I would love to have someone make up for me. Interested? Because I can't crochet.

  4. It's yummy wool, eh?
    Hmmm, can you find a similar pattern online for me to have a look at, River?
    I only say that cos sometimes I can decipher patterns and othertimes I need to see it being crocheted in front of me to figure it out.

  5. Pretty sure I have your address, I'll rip it out of the magazine and send it to you, then you can let me know.