Sunday, June 3, 2012

Third of the Sixth Twenty Twelve

Between reality shows of recipes being dashed about and renovations being banged about I'm happy to submerge my grey matter beneath the calm surface of the ripples of history.
Yes, yes, everything old is new again, so let's learn some lessons not to repeat!

Cinesound Productions was pupped on this day in 1932 to take over the fill-um making for the failed Australian Educational Films.

The High Court of the Northern Territory in Darwin recieved another 96 writs on this day in 1997, filed by the Stolen Generation Litigation Unit of Northern Australia.

South Oz was rather excited as this day in 1837 saw more potential fish wrappers and toilet paper with the printing of the 2nd issue (but the first in SA) of the SA Gazette and Colonial Register.

Colouring the world in a rosy hue our 7th state New Zealand (waving to them from the West Island) celebrated the first Gay Pride Week in June 1972.

Today's lost place name is that of Black Swamp.
Yes, this could be any puddle of water between Yorkies Knob and Bass Strait, except it came under international scrutiny with a more fortunate title.
That of Lake Wendouree (that actually means "Go away") which played host to some water sports in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.
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  1. That little puddle is a lake? We've just had a rain shower here and there are several puddles lying about the place. Perhaps I should go out and name them. What's an aboriginal word for shallow waters? Because aboriginal names are much more colourful than anything I could come up with.

  2. LOL
    No, River, those little puddles are on our land at Dunolly, suspect the tops of gold diggings ;)
    Try Bingara for shallow water :)

  3. Oh, yes, Dad and Dave. They don't make films like that anymore [Praise be].

  4. Ahhh, we'll all be rooned, FC!

  5. Bingara is really pretty. If I ever build a house near a shallow creek it shall be named Bingara.