Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today in Aussie History Twelve of Six

As I'm writing these in advance I'm hoping the 12th isn't as dank and drear as the day on which I'm writing this; drizzly with blah grey skies and not a scrap of sunshine to be had for love nor money while the chooks loiter in the gazebo loudly complaining about the weather.
Or their morning porridge.
I've yet to master Chickenese.

Cry with me, if you will, as you read about how a freezer malfunction has not only lost 150 brains for science but has possibly put back Autism research by 10 years.

Today in 1789 saw Captain Phillip plodding about, doing his bit to search for land to feed the (literally) starving hoards when he tripped over the Hawkesbury River.
And possibly got his feet damp.

In 1988 then-PM Bob Hawke was attending the Barunga Festival when he was presented with a document on self determination for Aboriginal People that became known as the Barunga Statement.

1902 and Those Who Should Have Known Better finally gave chickybabes the right to vote and stand for election in the Aussie Parliament.
Leaving Aboriginal People in some states still without any of these rights.

Any idea where Bumberrah might be?
It's down Gippsland way, a smallish town that once sported a railway station on the Orbost Railway Line.



  1. We went to the Barunga festival...!

    Bumberrah - worth a visit for the name alone :)

  2. LOL, Kath.
    The name appeals, somehow ;)

  3. I read that whole freezer malfunction story and it says they cannot rule out foul play.
    Why the heck would anyone want to deliberately destroy research brains? That's just stupid. And it's a shame it happened without being discovered. Hopefully any information already collected will be enough to carry on with until a new supply of brains can be collected.

  4. The freezer thing sounds like a bad 1950's science fiction movie. When they find the foul players, I vote that they IMMEDIATELY donate their brains to science to at least start to make up the difference. And then I'll start a list of the target groups I'd like to see donating their brains next!!! Wanna join me??

  5. It's bizarre and a damn tragedy, River.
    There are so many anti-research activists who knows if they took a dislike to brain studies?

  6. Ooooo, I like the way you think, Red, there are so many brains I'd love to poke with a scalpel!