Friday, June 15, 2012

The Underground, China train travel and AUD

Watching a show BBC Knowledge channel called The Underground and one part followed the ticket inspectors catching fare evaders; they get a £25 ($39 AUD) fine to pay on the spot or within 3 weeks time, the majority of those without tickets were unemployed.
Notably the inspectors were not in uniform but civvies with no strong arm tactics used or needed.

Briefly the film makers spoke to ticket sellers and other passangers who all stated how expensive the fares now were with one explaining that the money was needed to maintain and upkeep the Underground system, usual reason.
£8 for a short one way fare ($12.50AUD) sounded way too high to me, particularly when one of the station staff told how a taxi fare to the same distance would be £4 ($6.25AUD) and another told of a ticket to travel across China could cost as little as 20p.
I went and checked; I didn't find the 20p (31 cents AUD) ticket but I found this trip from Beijing to Badaling would cost 60p (93cents AUD) one way which sounded like a damn good bargain to me!

So...we're gonna use the Chinese system, yes...?
*I used this Currency Calculator to convert the British pounds to Aussie dollars.


  1. Hmmm, just went to google maps and typed in Beijing to Badaling. I would definitely be locationally challenged and reliant on PT.

  2. So would I, FC, and a great many visitors to China!
    Then again, you'd see more via PT than private car.

  3. London's trains are expensive. I think the minimum fare is now £4 for one station, which is why people use the Oyster Card and cut the cost in about half or less. Book a country train trip well in advance and a £90 trip becomes a £14 trip.

    I did not use any currency converter. I did it all in my head.

  4. Ahhh, thank you, Andrew, I didn't realise there were two tiers of fares in UK.
    And ner ner ner ner ner to you, too, for being a smarty pants currency converter :P

  5. Loved The Tube doco, I have a soft spot for it, even though I hated it a lot of the time!!

  6. The new £8 million each trains look pretty flash, Fen ;)

  7. That eight quid ticket actually is an all-day ticket that takes you all over the tube in London for the entire day.

    We used one of those when arriving at Heathrow. Got straight on the Piccadilly line and off at Embankment which was within suitcase-draggin' distance of the hotel. The equivalent taxi fare would have been eighty quid.

  8. was gonna say thats freaking expensive. So what happens if they can't pay and given that most are unemployed do they get banned? Was interesting to read the comments from your readers on the fares. The 8 quid for an all day pass sounds loads better.

  9. The 8 quid ticket one was complaining about was for a 1 way up 2 or 3 stations, Kath, no idea if he knew about other options cos he was mouthing off badly.
    The ticket seller agreed that the taxi was cheaper *shrug* .

  10. I have no idea what happens to those who can't pay, Janine, they didn't mention what options were available for them :(