Monday, July 2, 2012

Awesome Dim Sim recipe

Tonight I totally rocked the humble Dim Sim.
Home made.
From scratch.
Oh, yeah, we went there.
And we owned that massive mofo steamer!
Had the fussy Feral Aspie Teen and The Suspicious "where-did-this-come-from" Spouse backing up for 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths.
Til those suckers were goooooone.

I will share this recipe with you but listen carefully as I will say this only once....

Into a mixing bowl chuck in 500gms of pork mince, 1/4 kilo of cooked, peeled prawns (finely chopped), 1 finely chopped onion (or cheat and mutilate a few spring onions), 1 dessertspoon of chilli paste, 1 dessertspoon of coriander paste, 1 dessertspoon of  minced garlic, a hefty shake of the ground ginger shaker, 1 grated purple carrot (cos purple vegies have stacks more anti-oxidants than the regular suspects) and a bajillion cabbage leaves finely chopped (picked ones in the jar make the job easier).
Throw in 1 egg, a good shake of fish/oyster sauce and soy sauce.
Then beat the crap out of that mixture, work the bejebus out of it with a fork to help it bind together.

Grab your wonton wrapper - the square sort - then make a circle with your finger and thumb, plop the wrapper into the centre and gently push the middle down forming a wee pocket leaving the edge around the top flat - into this pocket drop approx. 1 teaspoon of mixture, then dip your spare finger into warm water and run it around the top of the wrapper and carefully work the wrapper over on top of the mixture.
Plop them in a steamer (if using metal steamer spray with cooking spray to prevent sticking), when they're transluscent they are cooked.

Dump them on a plate with sweet soy, sweet chilli and/or normal soy sauce.
Break up some Iceberg Lettuce leaves to wrap around the Dim Sims as the contrast of fresh crisp green with hot cooked dimmy dunked in a sauce is pure Heaven.
Then stand back as the mob descend upon the plate like the starving hordes of Whatever Apocolypse The Nutters Are Prophesying Is About To Happen....
But we won't worry about that nonsense because the Dim Sims will solve all world problems, possibly even sorting out the rubbish with the UN, The Haig and that lot.


  1. Then do you actually eat this thingy yourself or wait for an unsuspecting passer by to test it?

  2. Grab it an' gobble it, Vest, lest ye miss out!

  3. Ooooh, I don't know about this one....chilli? makes my face burn for about three days...coriander? not my favourite flavour....ground ginger? oh please, grated fresh is so much nicer, even if you get it from a jar.....I will write down the recipe anyway and maybe make it without the coriander.
    I'm seriously impressed that you made these, it's a lot of work.

  4. Thanks, River, and it wasn't that much work when most of it is just throwing prepared stuffs into a mixing bowl.
    Don't use as much fresh ginger as the dried, only 1-2 teaspoons.