Saturday, July 7, 2012

A bitter, twisted but frank July 7 history

Right, some housekeeping.
I'm over all of this bullshit by certain media peoples lining women up against women by using their choices of birthing (yes, Mia, release your flying monkeys) to get bigger and better traffic numbers.
I'm also over the bullshit of egos battering the whole 'mummy bloggers' thing (Hello, again, Helen) for no good reason other than to have bigger and better traffic numbers.
You know who you are; you blog, you blather, you Tweet, you Facebook.
You tear the fabric of feminism and trample our gains beneath your feet in the attempt to use the knives in other women's backs to climb up the online media headline ladder.
You bore me.

To match the regurgitated vile and vicious bile I hereby give you some of the bitter, twisted historic events I usually avoid posting...
More poison...1982 saw the ALP relax its anti-uranium policy and vote to honor existing uranium mine contracts.
Another bitter event was on this day in 1942 when Aussie troops began operations along the Kokoda Track.
The frightening, dreadful, sad kidnapping of poor little Graeme Thorne in 1960 .
The Air Board gave a resounding Yay in 1942 to taking over the disused Picton Railway Station in NSW to store bombs.

Two wee sweet spots, enjoy them.
A brief but interesting listen of an oral presentation of Victoria's irrigation history HERE.
A researcher is tracing the history of Victoria's apple industry, good read HERE.


  1. I don't remember hearing of the Thorne murder. Sad, but what good work by the police.

  2. ...that's why I don't read those mummy bloggers. Firstly, I'll admit to being utterly jealous of their readership numbers and, secondly, their over-reliance on the 'mummy' aspect of their posts.

  3. I just read the sweet stuff. I love apples and I'm quite pleased that someone is researching the old varieties. I'd love to know what type of apple Ms Christensen is holding, it's huge!
    I think the whole mummyblogger, birthzilla thing will blow over.
    Well, I hope it will, there's enough petty spite and one-upmanship out there already.