Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chit chat & Oz history

School reports were many got snaffled at the letterbox and hidden under the mattress...?
Ahhh, forgot that was due, Fellow Parents?
I suggest you question the offspring in case the report has gone astray from your hot little hand!
I perused the Feral Teen's effort; not bad, pretty average across the board apart from the dreaded maths (for those new to this Penny Dreadful the Feral Teen has an Acquired Brain Injury on top of his Autism which involves memory issues so he cannot retain maths equations/solutions in his grey matter. No, he can't remember friend's phone numbers or count cards, either.) so no big surprises.
No hissy fits or fainting madames at this address.
Now, the Feral Rugrat will probably tell you all about this from his reading but did you know Napoleon had a hot and heavy yearning for The Fair Isle of Oz?
Could we have been strutting about with our hands tucked inside our satin-lined waistcoats as we stared into the middle distance and chanted "Not Tonight, Josephine"?

The 10th Battalion left Anzac for a 3 day rest period on Imbros Island where the medical officer Capt Nott stated,
"A perfect holiday picnic"
The construction of the recently found HMAS Sydney was begun at Newcastle, England.

Saw the pupping of infamous muso Percy Grainger in that wild Melbourne suburb of sedation Brighton.

In wrapping up todays blather, here is a wee Sunday snippet of trivia to grind the gears of your brain into session for the week to come...
Watson, Pearson and Gould.
Is this trio
A) Responsible for new legislation that calls for all pollies to be shaved & placed in the stocks?
B) A group of miners who plated their arses in gold?
C) The names of railway stations?
They were responsible for making politicians hairless, placed in stocks and plated in 24 carat gold.
Sadly no, Watson, Pearson and Gould  were a trio of railway stations on the Walhalla narrow gauge line, Pearson (later Moondarra) also boasted a tramway.


  1. They were railway stations??
    I liked your first answer better, politicians shaved bald and placed in stocks. Forget the gold plating, they don't deserve any gold.
    Whenever I hear the name Percy Grainger I think of "Are You Being Served?"

  2. LMAO River!
    Young Mr Grace/Grainger!
    Yep, I saw the 3 names and thought they would have been better as lawyers/pollies/some money grubbers.

  3. Aw poo - I wanted it to be the first option!

    Reports get posted here too. Nothing awful for us and we're quite proud that she did very well in spite of missing so much school due to illness.

    What's feral teen's favourite subject?

  4. Ahh, cool, Kath, I wondered how they delivered the dreaded report lol.
    It's science, he lurves science, can quote all sorts of facts to me and has his happy place somewhere within a science lecture lol.

  5. Gould rang a bell. There was a Gould Station. Now I wonder the name had a connection with John Gould of the League fame.

  6. Ahh, I did wonder in passing, was going to look up the origin of the names, could well be, Andrew :)