Monday, July 9, 2012

Joooo-lie 9 with summer rentals in the Ballarat morgue

Yes, I'm in a silly mood.
Just for something different.
Said something tonight that hasn't been heard in this household for many a long day "Get off the computer I have to do tomorrow's history".
Well, that was my usual chant each evening...just sharing with you.
 The knitting is coming along nicely, finished one front side of the sleeveless cardy and began the other, am eyeing off some deliciously multicoloured wool for learning Chevron crochet and am itching to knit raspberry stitch to create a bag.
Just a couple of little things.
And I've been commissioned to crochet more rugs.
-4 degrees at Dunolly with frozen pipes, meaning no cups of tea for an age each morning.
The celery is growing like the clappers on the kitchen window sill, I've jammed some sprouting Dunolly garlic into some pots and, hopefully, we'll have some garlic stalks for meals soonish.

1900 Queen Victoria's assent enacted the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution.

1908 Bust out the champers, streamers and dancing girls, Tocumwal Railway Station and line was opened on this date.

Happy birthday to the late but well-loved lead singer of AC/DC Bon Scott.

Last little tidbit...did you know that the town of Ballarat is actually a ghost town?
Barely 2 people residing there?
That each summer a couple of people move into the morgue to live there?
Oh, sorry, not Ballarat in Victoria.....Ballarat in California.
I've tried my best to track him down but the elusive George Riggins is only noted as an Aussie immigrant who gave the new town the title of it's forerunner in the goldfields of Victoria - probably hoping it would perform as well as the original Ballarat had in the gold nugget dept.
Fortunately our Ballarat prospered much better and has lasted the distance, even boasting a greater number of pubs.
And no one camping out in the town morgue over summer.


  1. Good luck with your veggies on the window sill.
    Personally I am now a dedicated 'Farmers Market' patron. Much more fun.

  2. Thanks, Vest, I enjoy growing my own but often supplement the crisper from the local market ;)

  3. Camping out in the morgue sounds like a great way to beat the summer heat.
    I've heard of blackberry stitch, but not raspberry, are they similar or the same? I can't do either of them anyway, but I can do moss stitch and I used to knit lovely little feather-and-fan matinee jackets for newborns.
    A tip to beat the frozen pipes, save some water the night before in a thermos or jug, (bottle, bucket, whatever), then you can have coffee while waiting for the pipes to thaw.

  4. The morgue? 'Our' Ballarat is cold enough without the need to do anything as crazy as that....

    And celery? The most un-fun and pointless of all vegetables?

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  6. I'm practising on different crochet squares and some day soon I may even start a project. My desire to make more water bottle holders has finally run dry.

    Off to my Monday night at the library crochet/knitting group after supper. I don't get much done but it sure is a fun social time.

  7. I mean't the farmers market video.

    I am presently growing winter veggies, parsnips, swedes and turnips and other odds and sods.

  8. I suspect it is blackberry stitch, River, it's on youtube, I haven't watched it yet.

  9. Exactly, Kath, no need to chill em when the streets of Ballarat are cold enough to store ice cream!
    But, Kath!
    Celery speaks so highly of you :P

  10. You'll love the Chevron stitch, Elizabeth, it's very pretty, and good luck with a new project!

  11. Home grown has so much more flavour and a deep satisfaction to one's self, Vest :)