Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11 thronged in purple

I haz more carrot tops in the saucer on the window sill...I know these won't grow carrots, der, I'm after the seeds that will eventually develop on the bushy leafy growth, cos some are from a lovely deeeeep purple carrot (from Tassie, bought in One of The Two Large Supermarkets...cos the local market didn't have any, don't yell at me!).
The purple sort that doesn't bleed its colour too much when cooked.
And purple vegies have stacks of antioxidants, remember!
While the garlic shoots are multiplying like the clappers, soon they'll be long enough to start snipping and tossing into stir frys, stews, marinades, etc.
They can be chopped and frozen, too.

1979 Westralia played host to the rapidly descending space station, Skylab, with Stan Thornton scooping up a US$10,000 reward for scooping up the first bits.
1833 This date saw the murder of Western Australian Aboriginal Yagan, shot after many forays into foraging white man's stock for food and retaliation.
1974 Cranky Frank Sinatra was asked to apologise to the Aussie media after he pronounced them to be "hookers" during his tour.
Hookers were shockingly offended while the media was surprised to be elevated in social stature.

An historic shipwreck was returned to the oh-so-nippy waters of Port Phillip Bay to aid its conservation.

Speaking of purple vegies (yes, we were) have a gander at this gorgeously sumptious blue tomato, named the Indigo Rose Tomato.
Which doesn't appear to be available in The Fair Isle of Oz...yet.

Does it sound sad that we have had to spoon feed the furbaby her porridge?
Don't answer that.


  1. I love the taste of heritage vegetables. We're lucky we have a shop close to us that sells the seeds. The veges we grew from those seeds tasted divine. Um I've grown carrots off carrot tops before. Things you do when ya want veges.LOL

  2. Ooo, that sounds like heaven, Liz, the heirloom vegies have more flavour and really make a meal, not just a side serving :)
    Oh, ok, I'll keep my eyes peeled for any carrots I might get!

  3. I was all interested in the purple carrots and the cute tomatoes until your last bit of news about fur baby.

    .... can you give us a photo of her? Pretty please?

  4. What a shame the blue tomato isn't available here yet, I'd love to try it. I've tried green zebras and black russians and the small yellow pear tomatoes. I haven't yet tried the purple carrots, I've sold plenty, but always forget to buy them myself in my rush to get home after work.
    I didn't think carrots tops would progress to the point of setting seed, don't plants need to develop roots before they flower?
    I'd love to see a photo of your furbaby too.

  5. LOL Kath, I'll try to find one, otherwise I'll snap a new one ;)

  6. LOL Kath, I'll try to find one, otherwise I'll snap a new one ;)

  7. Yep, I've had those types, too, River, very nice flavours and colours :)
    Yep, they do set roots on the carrot tops :)

  8. oh those carrots sound good. As for the tomoato it looked like a plum on steriods. I would love to know what it tastes like. Your fur baby is gorgeous. wow in 74 he had to apologise to the media, funny how times have changed and they are called a number of names under the sun.

  9. The real Estate Firm of L J HOOKER widespread in Oz have or had a huge High Rise Bldg in Sydney with the name "HOOKER HOUSE" emblazoned on it, A visiting Yank dignitary described it as the biggest Whorehouse he had ever seen.