Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12 with Fairies and Clowns.

I am typing this up the night before and owe a great many readers an apology for not popping over to their blogs - my excuse is that I've written and scheduled the posts for my other history blog, Dunolly and District History, up to the end of the month.
It was searching through the gorgeous vintage images for each post that wore away the time.
I always go to The Graphics Fairy site, she has a fab selection of so many styles, some make me wish I had time to scrapbook again.

Photobucket Off to the Centre of The Universe aka Dunolly today; we shall be chugging along on the train as you read this...or, no, we'll be parked at Bendigo station waiting for the road coach.
We've dragged out the winter woollies and thermals - well, I've dragged them out while the Feral Teen poked about on Minecraft...and then I'll have nagged at him to put them on before we leave because he doesn't feel the heat or cold.

1899 The East Perth Cemeteries became one less potential place for body snatchers as it was closed to burials.
1971 The Aboriginal Flag was flown for the first time on National Aborigines Day at Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia.
1838 On this day the City of Churches was whooping it up as Eyre rocked up to Adelaide with stock from NSW.

And the furbaby Treacle once more.

Quote from Feral Teen,
"I used to be a pirate just like you until I took a cannonball to the testicles".


  1. A cannonball to the testicles?? wow!
    We still have the Aboriginal flag flying here, I notice it now and again. When you get to Dunolly, please visit the bakery and have a vanilla slice for me. And don't forget to save a thermos of water before you go to bed, so you can have coffee while waiting for the pipes to thaw in the morning.

  2. oh have fun in Dunolly and enjoy the break away. Oh I am another fan of the Graphic Fairy too.

  3. It would be awfully easy to spend hours at the Graphic Fairy site.

    You do introduce me to some wild and wonderful things. : )