Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13 sans scary rot but with chicken salt galore

Yes, yes, I'm usual.
The Feral Teen had possession of the lappie for his beloved Minecraft last night and this morning so Mother had to make do with smoke signals and 2 cans on a piece of string which obviously didn't work due to the outdated software *rolls eyes*.

Anyway, it's Friday the 13th, aren't you supposed to be out haunting something somewhere?

I've been sitting here researching the date just for you, dear reader, while eating chips.
Hot, salty chips are Teh Awesome.
Hot, salty chips with chicken salt are Uber Awesome.
Hot, salty chips with chicken salt from Dodsons of Dunolly is THE Utmost Awesome.

1968 Aboriginal Land Rights protests held, with this photo (which looks like it was in the Bourke St Mall, Melbourne) published on this date in the now-defunct newspaper The Sun.
1945 Ben Chifley was sworn in as the 16th Aussie Prime Minister.
2007 National Indigenous Television (NITV) the first 24 hours Aboriginal telly service began broadcasting.

A cheeky commenter left a lovely silver tongued remark about my blog design, content, posts, etc, along with a link to his website.
Now, normally I delete this kind of spam but I trotted over to have a gander at this Aussie artist's work and was liking what my old eyeballs saw enough to approve his comment and to make mention of his link HERE.

Did you know chicken salt is collected during the full moon from the lips of chickens by 100 vestal virgins, ensconced on a cloud-shrouded hidden Outer Hebridean Island whose name no one can ever know ?
Neither did the vestal virgins.


  1. Ah, Minecraft.

    Sapphire is addicted to, and owns two t-shirts that your feral teen (not us) will understand:

    One more block One more block


    Ssssssssssssss boom!

    She reckons that all the cool kids see her t-shirt(s) and smile in recognition or come over to talk about how much she knows about Minecraft. Which, apparently, is enough to render several boys joining up in her game and asking her for advice!

  2. Medical authorities warn that salt is a health hazard. (chicken salt excepted)

  3. You had me at hot salty chips. I'm going to have to cook some tomorrow. I'll make them healthier by also cooking fish....

  4. I have a genuine first day copy of the SUN newspaper U/K version first printed in 1968.(not a reprint)
    it was the first new newspaper published in the U/K in the 20. Century.