Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16 sliding in by the seat of my pants

Hey ho, here I am, didn't manage to get lost between the bedroom and the laptop in the loungeroom.
Yes, still in my jim jams, you did have fair warning, although I have showered.
Currently multi-tasking by researching todays date in Oz history (yes, we do have a history), comparing prices for a fundraiser idea that wormed its way into my grey matter overnight and watching Landline.
Impressed yet?
Don't be, it just means I have a shit-load of tabs open that only make sense to my scattered brain, while the rice growers from Fukashima story is pretty interesting but I'm still peed off that Aussie  guava growers have been kicked to the kerb in favour of bloody imports.

But I'm a happy camper to read how Aussie Post is going to deliver farm produce straight to the customer!
In your eye Two Big Monopoly Shops, ha!

1956 HSV-7 in Melbourne began channelling the spirit world test transmissions of the idiot box in monochrome (TCN-9 in Sydney had jumped the gun 3 days earlier).
Thrilling, eh?
1900 For those with a little blood-thirst the Australian Mounted Troopes struck the North East to reach the railway lines behind the Boers in Pretoria.
1911....Hmmm, meh, a shooting murder in Newcastle, might give that one a miss.
1900 This looks more likely and should appeal to the blood-thirsty again ( turn of the century and the whole world was going to hell in a handbasket) with Aussie journo George Morrison injured while rescuing a defender during the Chinese Boxer Rebellion.

Go read and listen to the mini Paralympics that were held in Ballarat last week with the Riding for the Disabled.

All done and dusted before midday, woot!
And now I'm off to slurp up some laksa soup, work more on the chevron crochet blanket now that I've mastered that stitch (anything to keep me busy and off the streets) and let my arse grow into the couch cushions a little more.
You're welcome for that mental image.
Hoo roo!

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