Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17 The craptacular date of Aussie history

Hello, again.
Sitting here, tapping away, trying desperately not to eyeball whatever incarnation that is the artist formerly known as Madonna has become *shudder*.
The furbaby is suitably distracting...
Researching history for July 17 which is apparently designated as the Blah day of the year.
Or no one has been sufficiently inspired by the combination of the numbers to bother uploading any thing about the day.
Perhaps they were too busy in the squealing Bieber crowd.
Oh, the humanity.
1944 Do we really care if the 5,000th act of parliament was passed by the Victorian Parliament?
No, indeed we do not.
Begone, boring batshit.
1880 Today saw the last of the articles printed in the Queenslander newspaper that covered treatment of the Aboriginal People titled The Way We Civilise.
1964 Donald Campbell got all Speedy Gonzales on Lake Eyre when he set the world record for four wheeled jet propelled vehicles at 403.10 mph.

Aussie archaeologists are rocking the dirt in an ancient village in Turkey.

I'll pop up the recipe for the Dunolly Butchers lamb shank that totally melted in our mouths tonight.
But it has to be from the Dunolly Butchers.
With bread rolls from the Dunolly Bakery.
And red wine from the Dunolly region.
While you're at it....you could probably buy some local vegies and cook the pot in Dunolly.
While you're there.


  1. Nothing beats a good lamb shank when lost or when little else is on offer.Hmm.
    Better still,Er indoors won a %50 cole's voucher and a 2.5 kilo leg of lamb at the club w/e meat raffle.

  2. The guy who set the speed record must have going yeee ha!

    What a buzz..1964...was a good year until I appeared on the scene.LOL!

  3. Phwoar, yum, Vest!
    Yep, shanks are always tasty ;)

  4. Does the recipe absolutely, positively HAVE to be made in Dunolly? Because I'm not sure I can take more time off work so soon..I could make them here and pretend, okay?
    I remember Donald Campbell and his Bluebird, it was all over the newspapers and in magazines too. I was 12 that year and wasn't all that impressed by the fuss, but looking back now, it certainly was an achievement.