Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20 Oz history and blatherings

Yes, yes, I've been incredibly slack by not visiting your blogs this week - too many things, not enough clones or hours in the day to take care of it all.

I have, however, bothered myself to research today's hysterical...historical events.

In 1805 the colony's Judge-Advocate, Richard Atkins when referring to whether or not Aboriginal people could be witnesses or criminals before a court stated that Aboriginal people 
"are at present incapable of being brought before a criminal court - and that the only mode at present when they deserve it, is to pursue them and inflict such punishment as they merit".

1910 Victorian Football League (VFL) introduced that controversial move for the umpires - the 'free kick' !
Go Swannies.

1888 The South Australia branch of the Women's Suffrage League was born  on this day.

1836 The first European migrants to South Oz rocked up on board the ship Duke of York at Kangaroo Island.
The seals were suitably impressed.

I could have bored you silly with the fact that Sydney was incorporated as a city or turned your stomachs by telling you Jimmy Govenor caused a boodbath in his murderous rampage at Maybey homestead.
But I thought I'd best refrain from mentioning that.

Handy lil tool.


  1. Ouch. Tricky Dicky alias Richard Bowyer-Atkins the first Judge advocate for Parramatta NSW, a former adjutant in the Isle of Man Corps, was the fifth son of Sir William Bowyer whose Country seat was at Denham Court In Buckingham Shire, England. His elder siblings were two Foreign Office , One General and one a Rear Admiral George Bowyer from whom our family have connections. George Bowyer lost an arm during the battle of Ushant 1793, His country house in Radley Oxfordshire is now a Posh public house. Rosemary and I and Chris my eldest visited and had a fab meal in the Admirals former residence July 2009
    Personally my naval title during my 25 years of service failed to reach that pinnacle of power.

    BTW,the Atkins thingy was acquired from childless Lord Atkins, who adopted Richard by arranging A stipend to be paid to this Moron providing he was sent to the colonies out of sight and harms way..
    Unfortunately Richard was a despicable person.
    Vest aka Leslie J Bowyer.

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing that, Vest!
    Glad the meal was a good 'un, better than the adopted moron ;)

  3. Sir George Bowyer, 5th Baronet

    Admiral Sir George Bowyer, 5th and 1st Baronet (1740 – 6 December 1800) was a British naval officer and politician.

    Bowyer was the third son of Sir William Bowyer, 4th Baronet and born in Denham, Buckinghamshire. He served as Member of Parliament for Queenborough from 1784 to 1790 and lived at Warfield Grove before inheriting Radley Hall (now part of Radley College) in Berkshire (now Oxfordshire).

    After a long naval career, he was made a Commodore in 1781 and a Rear Admiral in 1793. In 1794, he was promoted to Vice Admiral and was made a baronet after receiving injuries that made it impossible for him to serve again. In 1799 he was promoted to Admiral and in April of that year inherited his father's baronetcy before dying in December 1800.