Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30 Oz history & cat tongues

I'm tapping this on the laptop keyboard while Basement Kitteh aka Delilah is perched across my shoulders, forcing me to hunch forwards.
So long as She is comfortable.
So comfy, in fact, that ocassionally she'll lick my hair into place...or into a style that takes her fancy.
Other than that she whips me in the face with her tail if I move too much for her comfort.
So, accept this truncated post with the knowledge that aching neck, shoulders, claw marks and furballs were the price for it.

Plenty of dire events...deaths, mayhem, destruction...let's avoid those for I'm not quite in the mood to share bloody things with you all.

1915 And today became, ever so briefly, Australia Day during WW1 to raise funds for the war effort.
Feel free to Google it on the interwebs, cos thank goodness someone is plopping our history online.

1997 The tragic Thredbo Landslide ocurred on this date at 11.30pm.

1972 Thousands gathered to support the call for Aboriginal Landrights on the lawns of Parliament House.
Hopefully there is plenty of footage uploaded to YouTube.

1954 For those not getting enough sporty stuff on this day The British Empire Games were re-titled to British Empire and Commonwealth Games.
Just hop, skip and jump over to this link HERE.

Now, I shall away to prise the rasping tongue of the cat off my scalp.
And perhaps cough up the annoying furball tickling my throat...


  1. OK, I'll be the first to ask - please please please can we have a photo of your cat?

  2. Can I have one of your pussy too?

  3. I'll try to get one, Kath, but no promises.
    Imagine a generic black cat with super dooper evil intentions *snort*

  4. Anon- no, that is off-limits to the paparazzi :P

  5. My brother's ski lodge was one of the ones that came tumbling down at Thredbo. I hadn't realised it was so long ago.
    And for a generic black moggy with evil intentions (too often carried out) the photo at the bottom of my blog would probably suffice.

  6. Um, am still alive. Dunno about felines but was sitting by the fire pondering a few problems .. my dog crawls onto my lap and begins licking. She's actually quite heavy, no room for her on my 'rocker' chair.

    mmmm, perhaps felines aren't the only entities who "comprehend" ... heh.