Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31 And you thought I'd forgotten...

Yes, yes, I'm late like that proverbial damn rabbit but unlike the underground mutton I shall not leap into a nearby hole in the earth (stop moaning in disappointment, I can hear you from here).

On this day in 1914 Labo(u)r leader Andy Fisher declared that the Aussies would defend Britain "to our last man and our last shilling" which, judging by the amount of cannon fodder, came perilously close to coming true.

In the development of the Royal Flying Doctor Service a test was conducted on this day in 1934 which proved one could pass ones shopping list (or perhaps urgent message for medical assistance) from ground to air via radio communication.

Back in 1837 they had to present petitions to get newspapers up and going; thus one such petition was thrown about in gay abandon on this day in Fair South Or-stray-ya.

No reason for this chap but for the fact he's a spendidly pompous piggy-wiggy-woo and looks devilshly handsome in his crown.


  1. I wonder did South OZ live to regret the newspaper thing?! And I wonder will the Britz offer to defend US to the last man/shilling?!?!

    I've been late for a few dates recently, so will forgive you this once!!!

  2. Im a big fan of the Flying Doctor Service, they do such great work under harsh conditions. Where would the outback be without them?

  3. And a happy belated birthday to the nellie's from me. And I am with River on the Flying Doctor Service. A brilliant, severely underfunded service.