Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4 Oz history slip slidin' on medieval ice skates in coconut oil

Great article HERE about homosexuality in history because, ZOMG gays and lesbians didn't suddenly sprout from the tulip patch in the mid-1970s, as some would have you believe.

Think back to Sydney in 1975; on this day Juanita Nielsen, heiress and publisher, was thought to have been kidnapped and murdered due to her very public anti-development stance.
Keep Sydney in mind as you fast-forward to 1991 when world-renown heart surgeon Victor Chang was murdered in a failed extortion attempt.

Wend your mind to more pleasant thoughts; of roast lamb, broiled mutton, grilled chops and sheepies getting crutched in the back paddock.
Yes, in 1834 Governor Bourke penned a missive to Lord Stanley on how the settlers had spread far and wide with "perhaps a million sheep in every direction".
I bet he had mint sauce and rosemary on his mind.
Finally, 1968 saw PM John Gorton in the hot seat as a moratorium protest against the Vietnam War outside the US Embassy in Melbourne ended in violence as the crowd was charged by mounted police.

Skeletons, jewellery, medieval ice-skates and a railway - what more could an archaeologist ask for?!
So, anyone wanna shout me the airfare to go eyeball the exhibit?
Well, nevermind...if you happen to be in the area a community archaeology dig is taking place next Monday at medieval Randall Manor at Gravesend, the lucky devils.
I'd be happy to carry your bags if you send me the plane tickets...?

Sad to read about the desctruction of the Phoenician Port in Beirut...for luxury towers.

Now, tis the night before and I have a head dripping in coconut oil.
Well, it stopped dripping as the temperature dropped and is now just a sweet-smelling pool atop my scalp - old method to condition my hair and it helps the ingrown toenails, too.
And keeps the vegetarian werewolves away although the resident Basement Kitteh has discovered she has a liking for the taste.


  1. I remember when Victor Chang was murdered. Holy shit, it was THAT LONG AGO?!?!

  2. I know, could have sworn it was "a few years" not 21 yrs ago!

  3. Coconut oil? hmmm, is that for dry hair? I can't see an oil being good for oily hair. I think I'll try it. Do you leave it on overnight and how do you prevent it soaking into the pillow? And how does it help the ingrown toenails?

    There were so many things that happened "not so long ago", then when you read about them it was over 20 or 30 years in the past and you think "That can't be right", but it is.

  4. Dry hair and scalp, I put an old towel on the pillow and the ingrown toenails are for the dragons in the shrubbery :P
    I know, River, so much time has zipped by without us even blinking!

  5. Gravesend dig you say....?

    Hmmmm, maybe I could send some vibes your way when Sapphire and I are in LONDON TOWN next week!!!

  6. Kath!!!
    Only so long as you get plenty of photos to tease us all with!