Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5 Oz History for a Sporting nation

Sad and scary article on how climate change is altering patterns for natural biodiversity in Aboriginal lands  for finding food.
While people can argue the toss about the temperature going up or down they can't argue about nature changing before their eyes.

Came across enough events of Aussie sporting history on this date that I figured we could have a little sport shoved down our gullets for the duration.
Or until the clock struck 12 of the new day, at least.
Because, goodness, we don't have enough tennis, football, NFL et el clogging up our media as it is....

1902 Australia won the one and only Test Cricket they played at Sheffield against England, woopee!

Now, mosey on down the decades a little way until you hit 1957 and you'll find talented Australian Lew Hoad won the Men Singles at Wimbledon when he beat fellow Aussie Ashley John Cooper.

Skip ahead eleven years to 1968 where you'll discover Aussie tennis ace Rod Laver won the Wimbledon Mens Singles against fellow Aussie Tony Roche.

Twelve months in 1969 later Rod was back at the scene of the crime when he won against Aussie John Newcomb.

Come around to 1980 and our favourite tennis gal and now mother Evonne Goolagong Cawley beat Chris Evert for the Womens Singles at Wimbledon.

1981 found our talented golfing gal Jan Stephenson winning the du Maurier Golf Classic.

Further into the decade of big hair and bigger shoulder pads at 1987 saw Aussie Pat Cash winning the Men Singles title at Wimbledon.

After all that sport, let's have some art!
A review of a current exhibition of Aboriginal Art at the Seattle Art Museum HERE showcasing a private collection of fabulous art pieces.
HERE is another article on the beautiful grass weaving of the women of Central Oz who have created stunning sculptures and artwork in their weaving.

Watched a nice little movie, essentially a love story set against the backdrop of river fishing, called The River Why.
I love fishing, although I haven't been for many a year.
I must pack the handlines for Dunolly, Redfin is nice.
Worms or cheese for bait - I'm a cheese gal, myself, the plastic sort in those little plastic sleeves, moulded like plasticine around the hook is the favouritest nibbly entree for most freshwater fish.
And then when you eat the trout you've covered both dairy and fish in the food pyramid.
Or, if you don't catch anything you've got some cheese slices to nom on.


  1. July 5 1971. Sailed from Southampton,England,on 'Brittanis' a Greek ship Carrying Poms and other souls disenchanted with their lot in the old DIRT (not Dart).
    My darling Rosemary was 37 on that conspicuous day.

    Brittanis sank in the South Atlantic a few years back while on her way to be broken up.

    Why is it only female ships sink?

  2. I have no idea, Vest!
    Yay on your trip to Oz and Happy Birthday to Rosemary :)