Sunday, July 1, 2012

July in Oz history with enough archaeology to sink an ancient Egyptian battleship

For those who love their love their handbags and bags in general - looking at you, River - archaeologists have unearthed the world's oldest Gucci knockoff in Germany.

The first TV advert was aired on this date in 1941 in USA; it cost the watchmaker Bulova a whole $9 for an ad before a basketball game.
And, some would say, that's when the rot set in.....

I would so love to know that archaeologists were let loose on the sites of future railway infrastructure here in Australia particularly Victoria just like they do in London...but I'd be a long time waiting.

In 1962 Frank Packer, who already had a bauble known as TCN-9 Sydney, bought himself a wee bargain when he became owner of both GTV9 in Melbourne and the first National Television Network in the Fair Isle of Oz.

Get out your grandma's good china and use it for the Sunday roast cos it aint nowhere near as old as this tablewear found in a Chinese cave.
Yes, there may be a roast or something on the menu here.
Yes, you can have a serving if you get here in time.
No, you don't have to bring your own china.

On this day in 1965 TVQ-0 Brisbane was launched to the multiplying viewing audience.

Aboriginal rock art found to be 28,000 years old.
More Aboriginal rock art found, with writing, to be 10,000 years old.
Aussie Aboriginals have been rocking the art world since before the Dreamtime, now the rest of the world is catching up.

1983 saw the old beloved Australian Broadcasting Commission birthed into the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


  1. Fascinating stuff about the rock art.

    Must be newspaper cutbacks that caused them to crop off the writing under the ship in their photo [tho' it wasn't hard to track down a more complete picture of the picture].

    Bon appetite!

  2. It seems we Germans were fashion leaders...ha ha.
    Most bags in those far away days were used for collecting and had drawstring closures, (from what I've read), only important bags had flaps or other covering to close them, and being so closely decorated I'd say it might have been a medicine bag carried and used by the clan's or tribe's healing woman. Then again, it could have been a male healer....wait! What did you say? A roast? I'm on my way....

  3. Ahh, thought I'd replied to you, FC, seems blogger et my comment.
    Yes, I hunted down the proper pick-cha and it looks Arabic in style.

  4. LOL River, trust you to know all things about bags!
    Yes, roast was had and was delish!