Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh, hai!

No, I never stop eating, have always been handy on the tooth.
Have just got custody of the laptop from the Minecraft-addicted teen, will try to update the history entries from tomorrow.
Or the day after, seeing as he has one more day off school.
Lovely, chilly winter weather giving me a good excuse to slop about the house in my jim jams.
And having planted that unsavoury image in your head I will now away!


  1. um, as a bloke living by self in relative isolation (no cooks around here) well, there is one, a trained chef. Andy round the back, lost his 'job' when the roadhouse burnt. No fault of his own.

    Self's breakfast is sometimes a sort of omelette. Carefully pan fried mushrooms; with added selected herbs - mixed with a couple of free range eggs.


  2. Me too, I can't stop eating. I'm always hungry. It would be handy if I have a chef with me wherever I go. How I wish. lol