Thursday, July 5, 2012

Onya Blade Runner and Up Yours to the tools

There'll be one runner I'll be hangin' to see and cheer on.
Oscar Pistorius.
The South African guy, y'know, Blade Runner.
But, crap in a bag, how many can bleat that he has an 'unfair advantage' with his prosthetics?
The dude has No.Fecking.Legs.
And that's an advantage against able-bodied athletes???
Let's not debate the use of drugs in sport, shall we.....?

So, should we disqualify those who train in high altitudes?
How about those with better sponsors who supply better equipment and training grounds?
What about chucking out the runners who don't have to even hold down a job to feed a family and can devote their every waking moment to training?
Then again, should we say no to those who are poor and have a greater hunger to win so to drag themselves out of poverty?

Getting back to Oscar Pistorius, should we remove his blades and screw in some regular prosthetics for him to run on, setting him back untold years as he retrains his body to move, balance and run on them while giving the advantage to the able-bodied competitors...?
Just to make the critics and competitors feel better...?
Just so there's no challenge for others to face on the track...?
So sad, too bad, life is not like that and I am so damn proud to be alive and breathing in an age where a classified disabled athlete can honestly compete in the regular Olympics.

And up yours to the idiots who whinge.


  1. Oscar Pistorius runs without legs??
    I'm impressed!
    and now I'll take my tongue out of my cheek and check out those links to see what's really going on. Because I know nothing.

  2. I'm back and now I know what you mean by "blades". I recall seeing these on TV a while ago, and wondering how the heck it would feel to walk on those things instead of regular prosthetic legs and feet. They look like they'd be very springy.

  3. Go Oscar! I think more than just South Africans will be cheering him on.

  4. Yep, Kath, I've had a soft spot for him for years.
    And it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eye ;)

  5. You should see him run, River ;)