Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sanitarium Vegie Roast Review

In the Year of The Aussie Farmer I am not advocating that we all turn our backs on meat.
I love meat, I've yet to meet a roast beef, lamb, mutton, chook or pork that I haven't liked.
I've even got up close and drooling with the odd 'roo, too.
Hubby has tried snake and reports that it's 'just like chicken'.

But we tried this little product tonight for our Sunday roast and I must say it will be going on the shopping list as an alternative to the usual meat roasts.
I must admit we bought it at a special price at a Not Quite Right store for less than half it's usual RRP (no, nothing wrong with it, nor was it out of date) so we had an incentive to buy it from the start.

I followed the instructions and baked the vegies then applied the (included) rosemary and mint glaze - there was actually a generous amount in the sachet so I sprinkled the extra over the roasting vegies, too, which was a big thumbs up from the tastebuds.

It took very little time to cook; the instructions suggested the roast be cooked for 30 mins sitting on top of the vegies which worked very well in our stove-top camp oven.
The vegies (potatoes, pumpkins, carrots) complimented the roast and glaze flavours nicely, while the usual gravy did it's job.
I found the meal to be lighter than usual on my stomach, none of the oft-experienced heavy feeling after a meat-centric roast meal, and I even went back for seconds.

Feral Aspie teen, as always very suspicious of anything new, took some time to eat his meal (as usual) but eventually ate the plateful up without any complaints (even about the unfamiliar texture) and stated he enjoyed the meal.
The Spouse had spent a hard day playing footy so opted for a couple of boiled eggs, toast soldiers and the odd snatched slice of roast and a spud or 3.
A lovely food for vegans and meat-eaters alike.
*I was not paid for this review but I'd happily accept a years supply of these roasts to advertise them further (hint, hint).


  1. I was going to say I won't try this since I don't eat much meat anyway, then I read how it sits lighter in your stomach than real meat, so I'll give it some thought.

  2. I'd put it on a par with having very finely sliced roast lamb or beef in small servings.