Sunday, July 29, 2012

Updated Gilbert and Sullivan Festival details

Because Rachel has nothing better to do than gallop about like a mad woman after a demented rabbit (no, seriously, she does, in fact she could do with some extra helping hands) there have been some slight alterations and some the events have moved to the Savoy Gardens, behind the gorgeous Junction Hotel.

So, pencil in the dates and get thee some tix, already!

Dunolly Gilbert & Sullivan Festival - 2012
October 13th and 14th weekend.

Souvenir Programmes
On sale. $4.
Saturday 12th    -     10am

The Thought of Royal Dignity Elates Me
 Grand Opening   Town Crier calls the people.
Locals in costume. Queen Victoria

The Queen’s speech
God save our Gracious Queen,

 10.30 am.
The Grand Parade
Queen Victoria cuts ribbon to open.

G & S characters –  local children in costume. Pipe Band etc.
Audience to line the street along Broadway.


“Merrily Ring the Luncheon Bell”

Local venues open
 Gordon Gardens  10am – 2pm
 Savoy Gardens   1pm -7pm.
Modified Rapture”
English country fair on the Village Green.
 Carnival atmosphere in the gardens.
Food stalls
Wooden skittles. 
Egg and spoon race
Organised games for children.

12 noon. Saturday

 “That’s so Like a Band

  Luncheon entertainment in the Gordon Gardens.
  Brass bands play a medley of music by Sullivan.

Revellers can picnic in the gardens or patronise venues in Broadway. 

1pm  Saturday
 “Here’s a man of Jollity” 
The Puppet show.
  St John’s Church Hall.

Gold coin donation

Saturday 13th October
3pm  - 6pm

“The People’s Pirates

At the Savoy Gardens.  
 Family fun. (good for children)

Taste of Gold, coffee stalls.

  $10 adult $5 children.

6pm  Dinner
  Now to the Banquet we press...

Food and vendors to be organised by local food sellers.  

8pm.  “The Gilbert & Sullivan Story”

Town Hall.

The Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Society present a “Cook’s tour “of Gilbert & Sullivan.

Admission charge $15.00 adult. $10 child.

A two hour show with short interval.

 Telling the story of Gilbert & Sullivan with background information about the operas and songs to accompany. 

Finish at 10pm.

Supper in Town Hall after the show

SUNDAY  14th October 2012

8am -2pm
Here’s a Howdy-Do”
Fine produce by local farmers and producers.
The famous Dunolly Traders Market
 in Broadway.

11.30am  “Trial by Jury

Court house.

 Performed by talented local thespians.

$5 ticket.
1pm.  Sunday 14th
 “I have a song to sing-Oh"
 The People’s concert.
 Uniting Church.

The people’s sing-a-long.

One hour  Gold coin admission
 The Dunolly Festival Children’s Choir  and locals performers.
Calling all bathroom singers. 

2pm.  “That’s so Like a Band

  In the Savoy Gardens.
Orchestra play medley of music by Sullivan.
Taste of Gold.     
Food and wine. SES, fire brigade etc.
Coffee van

3pm Sunday    

At the Savoy Gardens
Savoy Opera Company of Melbourne present the full production of the fairy operetta.

“Fickle moment, Prithee Stay”
 goodbye to all.

$15.00 adult. $5.00 children

  finish at 6pm


  1. wow what a neat weekend that will be.....looking forward to reading all about it, come October. Oh and photos too.

  2. That's a very full weekend. I'll think of you as I sit with my feet up.

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